General Studies

Customized Learning Plan

Bachelor of General Studies students are required to submit a Customized Learning Plan (CLP) as part of their degree planning and in meeting their degree requirements.

Guide to the Customized Learning Plan

Customized Learning Plan Form

The CLP requires you to identify the following:

  • Learning and professional goals;
  • Previous coursework;
  • Explanation of how your proposed program will serve to meet your learning and professional goals;
  • Identification (if any) of a thematic option or minor option that you plan to complete as part of your degree;
  • If proposing a thematic option, a list of planned coursework and a timeline for completion.

You get to develop your CLP using online Bachelor of General Studies supports and in consultation with the BGS advisor. You need to submit your CLP before you have completed 60 university-level credits, including PLAR. A hold may be placed on registration until your CLP is submitted.

If you are applying to enter the Bachelor of General Studies after having already completed 60 or more university-level credits, you need to submit your CLP with your application. Your CLP will not be used as a basis for admission, but are required to ensure you can likely complete any planned coursework in time.



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