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 Conversation with the Chief photo


“A Conversation with the Chief”

On March 24, 2017, the Chief of the Sumas First Nations, Dalton Silver (fourth from the left) graced the last activity of the GEOG 452: Advanced Field Methods and Techniques under the supervision of Dr. Mariano Mapili (third from the left). In a video-recorded conversation, the chief recounted personal stories about the oral history of the draining of the Sumas Lake into what is currently known as the Sumas Prairie and completed the conversation by sharing the dreams and hopes of the Sumas First Nation for the future. The chief answered questions fielded by students who have been learning about the physical, human and cultural geography of the Sumas Prairie through various field methods and techniques. In the end, the students gained personal understanding about the region while the region in turn gained the commitment of the students to keep the stories alive for the next generations. 

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