UFV Geography and the Environment’s Mission Statement

(est. June 2012)

Our mission is to inspire our students to critically reflect on the world and their place within it, and to prepare them to use qualitative and quantitative skills and practices in the study, explanation, and transformation of natural and built landscapes and the societies that inhabit them.

UFV Geography and the Environment’s Vision Statement

(est. June 2012)

Over the next 5-10 years, UFV Geography and the Environment strives to expand successful and innovative program delivery in the field, classroom, laboratory, and on-line, utilizing inquiry- and problem-based learning. We seek to build student abilities and confidence in the use of applied, geographic skills for their engagement in the labour market, and for their future as life-long learners and citizens. UFV Geography and the Environment seeks to increase faculty-student interaction, improve student capabilities and opportunities in research, pursue entrepreneurial endeavours, and further develop our own engagement with our diverse communities so as to address regional, national, and global questions and issues and facilitate better outreach and communications. Last, we strive to meet these goals by working collectively while building individual strengths and opportunities in teaching, research and scholarship, and service.

We emphasize:

  1. The integration of skills-based and knowledge-based instruction;
  2. Utilization of inquiry and problem-based learning;
  3. Preparing students for the labour market and graduate school;
  4. Engagement with communities at all scales, from the Fraser Valley to the global community.
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