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Utilize available GATE and UFV Resources

The following list of resources have been compiled to help you identify career pathways and to improve success in your job search.

For more information on specific job search engines and keywords, see Starting your online job search.

What do you want to do for a career?

Set up a career planning appointment with UFV Counselling Services to identify life and career goals. They also have a great list of online resources available that you can use to assess your own interests and skills. And they run workshops throughout the academic year.

How can you get experience?

Check out the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), run through Student Life. The CCR is a transcript recognizing your contribution to UFV through service and volunteerism. It's a great way to build experience and networks!

For paid employment, Co-operative Education is the way to go. Through Co-operative Education, students are hired with companies and government agencies to do skilled, paid, full-time employment for a semester or two. Students can do up to 6 semesters of Co-op — two full years of experience!

Build your portfolio

How can you show employers the types of skills, knowledge, and values that you can offer? An e-Portfolio is an increasingly important requirement of the job search. Consider taking a portfolio building course (e.g. CMNS 200)  or experiment with free e-portfolio building websites.

Check out this great e-portfolio resources site at the University of Waterloo.

Get help with the job search process

Start at the UFV Career Centre. Services include: CareerLink job board, Cooperative Education, career coaching appointments, review of résumés and cover letters, and resources on the provincial and national labour markets. You can also order business cards at a discounted rate.

Stay connected and build professional networks

The UFV Alumni Association is your best resource for staying connected with the institution and its graduates — many of whom can serve as valuable contacts in the job search process.

Check out the 1-2-3's of Networking in this e-guide for more ideas on how to connect with other professionals.

Bachelor of Environmental Studies, coming fall 2019

Develop the skills and knowledge to pursue a variety of environmental careers in both the private and public sectors.

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Melissa Koyanagi2

"My most valuable experience was certainly the AIG to BC's Interior that I had the pleasure of completing with my peers under the guidance of Gary Fehr and Olav Lian. This experience was in-depth, interesting and relevant to my previous studies in a wide range of subject areas, including postglacial and paraglacial processes, First Nations affairs in BC and BC's evolving economy. I sincerely enjoyed this learning experience and it was the perfect way to cap off my undergraduate studies at UFV."

Head to GATE's blog  to find out more about Melissa and what other graduates have to say about GATE.‌

  • – Melissa Koyanagi
  •    BA with double extended minors in Geography and Psychology

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