FALL 2017 and WINTER 2018 Courses

GDS 100 A World of Development  AB1 MON/ 11:30-13:20/ Cherie Enns
GEOG 103  The Physical Environment

 AB1 WED+FRI/ 11:30-12:50/ Olav Lian
 A#A WED/ 8:30-11:20/ Kathy Peet
 A#B WED/ 13:00-15:50/ Kathy Peet
 A#C FRI/ 8:30-11:20/ Kathy Peet

 AB2 TUE+THUR/ 8:30-9:50/ Steven Marsh
 A#D TUE/ 10:00-12:50/ Carolyn Atkins
 A#E TUE/ 14:30-17:20/ Carolyn Atkins
 A#F THUR/ 10:00-12:50/ Carolyn Atkins

GEOG 105  Natural Hazards and Hollywood  AB1 TUE/ 16:00-18:50/ Mariano Mapili
 GEOG 111  Environmental Issues and Strategies  AB1 WED/ 13:00-15:50/ Mariano Mapili
GEOG 116  Introduction to Geology  AB1 MON+WED/ 16:00-17:20/ Carolyn Atkins
 A#A MON/ 17:30-20:20/ Carolyn Atkins
 A#B WED/ 17:30-20:20/ Carolyn Atkins
 GEOG 130  Geography of Canada

 AB1 WED/ 17:30-20:20/ Terah Sportel

 AB2 TUE/ 8:30-11:20/ Terah Sportel

 ON1/ online/ John Belec

GEOG 140  Human Geography

 AB1 WED/ 10:00-12:00/ Lenore Newman

 AB2 TUES/ 13:00-15:50/ Terah Sportel

GEOG 201  Introduction to Climatology  AB1 TUE+THUR/ 14:30-17:20/ Claire Hay
GEOG 219/BIO 219  Biogeography  AB1 MON+WED/ 13:00-15:50/ Jonathan Hughes
 GEOG 240  World Regional Geography  AB1 MON/ 8:30-11:20/ Jennifer Hetherington
 GEOG 241  Social Geography  AB1 THUR/ 11:30-14:20/ Jennifer Hetherington
 GEOG 252  Explanation in Geography: Quantitative Methods  AB1 WED/ 16:00-20:20/ John Belec
GEOG 253  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems  AB1 THUR+FRI/ 8:30-11:20/ Scott Shupe
GEOG 300O  Special Topics - Business GIS  AB1 MON+WED/ 8:30-10:20/ Mariano Marpili
 GEOG 302  Fluvial Geomorphology  AB1 TUE+THUR/ 13:00-15:50/ Olav Lian
 GEOG 312  Political Ecology  AB1 MON+WED/ 11:30-13:20/ Terah Sportel
 GEOG 315  Soil Process and Function  AB1 MON+WED/ 8:30-11:20/ Jonathan Hughes
 GEOG 344  Geography of Urban Development  AB1 MON/ 16:00-18:50/ John Belec
 GEOG 353  GIS Applications  AB1 FRI/ 14:30-17:20
        THUR/ 17:30-20:20/ Scott Shupe
GEOG 360  Introduction to Regional and Community Planning  AB1 MON/ 19:00-21:50/ Cherie Enns
BIO/GEOG 410 Plant Ecology

AB1 FRI/ 14:30-17:20       TUES/ 17:30-20:20/ Alan Reid

GEOG 433N Advanced Geography of the United States AB1 TUE/ 17:30-21:20/ Michelle Rhodes
GDS 100  A World of Development
GEOG 103 The Physical Environment
GEOG 105  Natural Hazards and Hollywood
GEOG  116  Introduction to Geology
 GEOG 1xx  New Geology Course - Tentative
 GEOG 130  Geography of Canada
 GEOG 131  British Columbia
 GEOG 140  Human Geography
 GEOG 201  Introduction to Climatology
 GEOG 202  Introduction to Geomorphology
 GEOG 242  Economic Geography
 GEOG 252  Explanation in Geography: Quantitative Methods
 GEOG 253  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
 GEOG 257  Environment: Science and Communications
 GEOG 300J  Special Topics - Conservation GIS
 GEOG 300N  Special Topics -
 GEOG 304  The Geography of the Coastal Zone
 GEOG 308  Climate Change and Variability
 GEOG 311  Global Resources and the Environment
GEOG 314 Geography of Food
GEOG 340 Geographies of Poverty and Development
GEOG 346 Geography of Religion
GEOG 364 International Planning and Development: Adapting to Climate Change
GEOG 419 Paleoecology
GEOG 454 Geospatial Data Analysis and Modeling
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