Geography Facilities

UFV Geography houses dedicated teaching and research facilities, and shares laboratory facilities at the Chilliwack-CEP campus.

Abbotsford Campus

GIS/Student Laboratory

Located in A407A of the Abbotsford campus, the GIS Lab/Student Lab is available for use by any student currently enrolled in a Geography class or working on projects with Geography faculty. Students need not be majoring or minoring in the program to use the facility. The lab includes a dozen computers, each of which has ArcGIS software, Adobe Creative Suite, as well as word processing and spreadsheet programs (Microsoft Office), installed on them.

The lab also has a printer (with card reader), scanner, large format plotter (for use under faculty direction only), and a digitizing table. The Geography department's map library is also housed here, and work space is provided for students completing laboratory assignments and other projects, either with or without topographic maps.

During the Fall and Winter terms, a lab monitor is available to answer questions and help with materials. The lab is usually open from 9 am to 6 pm, M-F, and occasionally on Saturdays. During the summer, lab hours are less regular, although it is usually open during the day; however, lab monitor assistance is limited.

Geography Classroom - Abbotsford

The Geography lab classroom on the Abbotsford campus is located in A413. This classroom is booked through the department, and is used heavily for Geography courses, lab time, and meetings. If you are from another UFV department and are looking to book this space for a meeting or class, please contact the department assistant.

Paleoecology Laboratory

Directed by Dr. Jonathan Hughes, research in the Paleoecology Laboratory focuses on the response of vegetation to past earthquakes, fires, floods, climate change, and anthropogenic modification of the landscape.

The Paleoecology Laboratory houses preparation and work space and a walk-in cold storage facility. Access to the Paleoecology Laboratory is controlled. To visit the Paleoecology Laboratory, located in A311, Abbotsford, please contact the director, Dr. Jonathan Hughes.

Luminescence Dating Laboratory

The Geography Department at UFV is the home of a luminescence dating laboratory. Under the supervision of its director, Dr. Olav Lian, this NSERC-funded laboratory serves as a nexus for faculty, undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral research in Quaternery geology and geomorphology.

The Luminescence Dating Laboratory consists of two separate laboratory rooms - one is dedicated to chemical and physical preparation of sediment samples, while the other contains the instrumentation required to conduct luminescence dating experiments. Access to the Luminescence Dating Laboratory is highly restricted and controlled. To request more information or a visit to the facility, please contact its director, Dr. Olav Lian.

Chilliwack Campus

Geography Classroom Facilities - Chilliwack-CEP

Geography has made the move to the new Chilliwack campus. In doing so, we've lost our dedicated Chilliwack classroom, but gained new neighbours (Agriculture, Physics, and UUP) in great new labs. Geography shares a level 2 wet lab with Agriculture and UUP (located in A2105).

The wet lab provides more space, more storage, and more capabilities than both our previous Chilliwack classroom and our current Abbotsford classroom; thus, we plan on offering GEOG 116 and GEOG 300/400-level soils and biogeography courses more frequently on the Chilliwack campus. Geography also shares a smaller dry lab with Physics.

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