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Rachel Chapman

Rachel Chapman, PhD

Sessional Faculty

Geography and the Environment

Abbotsford campus

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I grew up in the lower mainland and attended UFV, where I completed a BA (Hons) in Geography. I traveled as much as I could while completing my degree, whether it was going on study tours or backpacking over the summer semester. Traveling and what I was learning at UFV fostered an interest in community economic development and, in particular, the role that resource development can play in that. I decided to pursue further studies so I went on to the University of Western Australia where I completed my PhD. Since returning to Canada in 2016, I have worked doing stakeholder engagement and policy analysis. 



  • PhD in Regional Development, University of Western Australia, 2016
  • BA (Hons) with Geography Major and concentrations in Environmental Studies and International Development, University of the Fraser Valley, 2011

Teaching Interests

  • Geog 240 - World Regional Geography
  • Geog 311 - Global Resources and the Environment 

Research Interests

I have always had an interest in both physical and human geography. I found the study of resources, particularly their role in community development, to be a great intersection of the two. My PhD thesis looked at the socioeconomic impacts of a mining boom in Western Australia on residents in resource-dependent communities. I also enjoy exploring the mixed use of qualitative and quantitative methods. 


Chapman,  R.,  M.  Tonts,  and  P.  Plummer.  2014.  Resource  Development,  Local  Adjustment  and  Regional  Policy:  Resolving  the  problem  of  rapid  growth  in  the  Pilbara, Western  Australia.  Journal  of  Rural  and  Community  Development  9  (1):  72-86.    


Chapman, R., M. Tonts, and P. Plummer. 2015. Exploring Perceptions of the Impacts of Resource Development: A Q-methodology Study. Extractive Industries and Society.


Chapman,  R.,  P.  Plummer,  and  M.  Tonts.  2015.  The  Resource  Boom  and  Socioeconomic  Wellbeing  in  Australia  Resource  Towns:  A  Temporal  and  Spatial  Analysis. Urban  Geography  36  (5).  doi  10.1080/02723638.2015.1018032 


Chapman,  R.,  M.  Tonts,  and  P.  Plummer.  2016.  Reshaping  Rural  Communities  'At  a  Distance':  The  Resource  Boom,  FIFO  and  Non-mining  Towns.  In  Labour  Force  Mobility in  the  Australian  Resource  Industry:  Socio-Economic  and  Regional  Impacts  ed.  F.  Haslam  McKenzie.  New  York:  Springer.  

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