UFV's Luminescence Dating Laboratory

The Geography Department at UFV is the home of a luminescence dating laboratory, currently the only one of its kind in western Canada. Under the leadership of its director, Dr. Olav Lian, this NSERC-funded laboratory serves as a nexus for faculty, undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral research in Quaternary geology and geomorphology. This research involves the collection of sediment samples in locations as diverse as Arctic Canada, BC's central coast, Australia, and Patagonia. These samples are then dated, and the age information is used to help und‌erstand the nature of long term environmental change. The laboratory welcomes visiting colleagues from other universities, and, from time to time, undertakes limited contract work.


The laboratory absorbed, and replaced, the Optical and TL Dating Laboratory in the Physics Department at Simon Fraser University which closed due to the retirement of its director, Prof. D.J. Huntley. After much delay, construction of the UFV laboratory was completed in the spring of 2007, and a new Risø TL/OSL-DA-20 dating system and other equipment was installed in November of that year. From nutech.dtu.dk

The Risø TL/OSL-DA-20  Luminescence Reader

 Research and Teaching Laboratory

The Luminescence Dating Laboratory’s primary function is to conduct original research, but it is also a teaching laboratory. The laboratory’s director and our post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Christina Neudorf, mentor several graduate students who, in turn, mentor senior undergraduate students. Senior undergraduate students help train more junior undergraduate students who are new to the laboratory. Students at all levels are thus able to gain valuable research experience, learn from each other, meet a variety of research scientists from other universities and government organizations, present their research and network at conferences. Undergraduate students typically are employed via UFV work-study grants, NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRAs), or through external research grants awarded to the laboratory (e.g., from NSERC, The Hakai Institute, and Natural Resources Canada).

‌ For more information on the people working in the lab, click here. 

‌Libby and Jordan in the lab 











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