BSc Program Options

Physical Geography Major (BSc)

The BSc, major in Physical Geography, introduces students to the different sub-fields of Physical Geography, including climatology, geomorphology, biogeography, and GIS. Students completing this major have the opportunity to specialize in one or more of these, and to pursue original, lab- and field-based research.

This major is a good option for students considering an MSc in Geography, Earth Sciences, or a related field. Please refer to the most UFV Calendar for program requirements.

Co-operative Education Option

Co-operative education provides valuable workplace opportunities and experience for students completing a UFV degree, and is highly recommended for Physical Geography majors. Co-op involves alternating semesters of paid employment (usually in the summer) with semesters of study, and the program often has many placements that build on geographic skills and research.

Students should consider applying to the program after their first year. Students that have completed three co-operative education placements are eligible for a Cooperative Education designation on their transcripts.


The Honours program is designed for those Geography and Physical Geography majors who are planning on applying to graduate school or who are looking for additional research experiences for employment. Honours Geography students have gone into graduate programs in a number of fields and at institutions in Canada and Australia.

Learn more about the Honours program. If you have questions, contact department head, Steve Marsh.

Please refer to the most recent UFV Calendar for current Honours program requirements.

Application forms can be obtained from the department assistant (A407d).

Physical Geography Minor (BSc)

The BSc, minor in Physical Geography, introduces students to the different sub-fields of Physical Geography, including climatology, geomorphology, biogeography, and GIS. Please refer to the most UFV calendar for program requirements.


This 30-credit certificate is designed to prepare students for employment in the GIS field. Completed over a two-year period, the certificate includes courses in Geography and Computing Science, and can be completed as part of a degree program.

Indigenous Maps, Films, Rights, and Land Claims
This intensive four-week, three-course, twelve-credit certificate offers students the opportunity to learn a range of conceptual and practical skills that are of direct relevance to the history, communication, implementation, and critique of rights, title, and land claims.

It focuses on a range of representational practices, including, but not limited to, film, oral histories, documentaries, surveys and maps, and legal discourse analysis, and their importance to the Indigenous land and rights process generally, but with a focus on British Columbia and the lower Fraser Valley in particular.

Extended Studies in Science: Physical Geography

Designed for students who have already completed a BSc degree, the Extended Studies certificate option provides the opportunity to gain a credential in Physical Geography. Available credentials include the major, minor, and Honours designation.

The ES certificate is designed for those students that need additional credentials for employment, graduate school, and/or application to teacher education programs.

For Extended Studies options in the BSc, refer to the most recent UFV Calendar.

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