Adventure Canadian Rockies 2010

Returning from the Athabasca Glacier tongue, Columbia Icefield, Icefields Highway
In early September 2010, Carolyn Atkins, Steven Marsh and Michelle Rhodes led 15 students on what turned out to be a multi-seasonal adventure in the Canadian Rockies.

The tour flew to Calgary, and from there to 'base camp' in Canmore, before heading into Banff National Park, where students learned about the historical geography of tourism and development of the area. 

From there, the tour travelled up the Columbia Icefields Highway as far as the Columbia Icefields proper,  spending time exploring the numerous glacial and physiographic features, and hiking Parker Ridge along the way.   

The trip then turned back south and into Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, and, as it turned out, from late summer to early winter at while they were at it.  Students learned about wildlife ecology, mountain hydrology and climate modelling,

From there it was back to Canmore for a little downtime and reflection and thence back to Abbotsford. 

Students getting ready for a hike up Parker Ridge, one of the most popular short hikes in the Rockies

Moose grazing at Upper Kananaskis Lake during an early season snowfall

Taking notes on the South Elbow Lake trail.  Expect any weather in the Rockies in early September!

Michelle gives the sermon on the mount, town of Banff and Mount Rundle as backdrop

Out of the snow and into a warmer climate, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Visitor Center

The group gets pelted by snowballs by instructor (off camera) for not getting homework done

About half the group actually made it to the top of Parker Ridge, the Saskatchewan icefield behind

Looking up the front of the Athabasca Glacier, the toe of which is receding rapidly

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