Adventure American Southwest

Posing at the Grand Canyon

Folded strata at Calico Canyon


In September 2005, 16 students and 3 faculty flew to Las Vegas and the desert regions of the American southwest to investigate the tectonic, geomorpholo-gical and archaeological record of the Colorado River drainage.

Sites of interest included the volcanic geology of Sunset Crater National Monument and the Native American homesteads at Wupatki National Monument. The impressive geology of the Grand Canyon and the Mojave Desert were of considerable interest.  

Students visted sand dunes at Kelso, limestone caves at Mitchell Caverns and 500 million year old rocks at Rainbow Basin.  They also investigated water allocation issues at Hoover Dam

Economic change in the region was discussed at Calico Ghost Town, along Route 66 at Barstow, and in Las Vegas.  

If there were any pictures taken in Las Vegas, we have not seen them!

Route 66 shield on motel in Barstow

Syncline at Rainbow Basin

Looking down the Colorado River from the
top of Hoover Dam

An atmospheric look from the north rim of
the Grand Canyon

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