Adventure Yellowstone

The study group at Inspiration Point

An early dawn view of Old Faithful, with the historic inn in behind
In September, instructors Michelle Rhodes, Jon Hughes and Ken Brealey led 16 students on a five day tour through Yellowstone National Park. 

The adventure almost did not happen as the flight out of Seattle was cancelled the day the very night the class was ready to leave (!), but thanks to the perseverance of everyone involved, managed to find an alternate routing.  As it turned out, however, this allowed the group to include a brief visit to Grand Teton National Park instead of the wilds of southwest Montana, so everything worked out after all.

In the park, the class was treated to a cornucopia of wildlife, an understanding of the human geography of the park from its first indigenous occupants through to the contemporary tourist industry, and, of course, the geysers, paint pots, and other amazing geothermal features that were the main reason for it being turned into America's first, and still most popular, national park.  

The general consensus was that we could not wait to go back again. 

Michelle Rhodes lectures on wildlife habitat at Dunraven Pass

The Buffalo Bills out for a stroll on the shores of Yellowstone Lake

The most famous, but only one of several petrified trees in the park

The travertine flow at Roaring Mountain is less active now than it was in the past

The class is suprised by a previously unknown species!

Ken Brealey gives a harangue at Midway Geyser Basin

The class scales the columnar basalts of Sheepeater Cliffs

A bird's eye view of the lower level of the fumarole fields at Artist Paint Pots

Looking down on the town of Mammoth Hot Springs from the travertine terrace

Nicole Levinsky takes in the colours at the Grand Prismatic Spring

Elk browsing in the fields at Biscuit Basin; they always know where it's safe

This grizzly was shot with a telephoto lens not far from Roaring Mountain

The class poses at one of two crossings of the continental divide in the park

Jon Hughes goes for a stroll as thunderclouds threaten
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