Copyright is an important aspect of all academic work (both for students and instructors).  Copyrighted materials you might need to use for assignments in GATE include web-based photographs, maps, newspaper articles for a journal assignment, photocopying a research article for your records, and many other things. 

In most cases, copyrighted materials can be used under the Fair Dealings considerations.  You can also search under ‘Creative Commons’ (just attach this to your search terms) which is a type of licensing where authors have provided users with use of their material without normal copyright terms.  These open-access resources are becoming more common; Wikipedia is one of the most noteworthy open-access resources available.  Note that you must still provide a complete citation for whatever you use but that copyright permission is not required.  This is especially useful when searching for images to use for assignments. 

The UFV Library has provided a libguide on copyright. This libguide provides lots of resources on Copyright considerations and the Fair Dealings Requirements which govern our use of copyrighted material in classes 

If you are not sure if you can use something for a presentation or in a paper please ask.

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