Most students (we hope!) have spent some time in the library, for reasons other than getting one’s student ID. However, most students will utilize the library on-line, rather than in person. There are certainly advantages to this type of library use— convenience, avoiding unnecessary travel, and 24-hour access. In addition, the majority of the library’s journal holdings are now found on-line, many exclusively so, and thus, travel to the physical structure of the library is increasingly less popular.

Unfortunately, that means that many students overlook some of the most valuable resources available to them, namely books and journals that are not found on-line. And on-line sources can be utilized better once one has had a chance to take a library orientation offered at the beginning each term. Individual research help is also available. Request an appointment ahead of time.

UFV librarians provide lots of subject-specific resources for student and faculty research. These include LibGuides in Geography, Environmental Studies, First Nations studies, and related fields. 

With limited space and budget constraints, many of the best resources mayfound at other universities, namely SFU and UBC. UFV's interlibrary loans service can be used to order these materials for shipping to UFV.

Students who live close to one of these schools, or who travel into Vancouver often, may find that these libraries are actually more convenient. Students who have time to spare before their research project or papers are due can utilize the resources at these libraries in one of a number of ways:

•     Interlibrary loan. This is a free service provided to UFV students. Students can borrow books or request copies of journal articles (with some limitations) for free. Provide at least a week if requesting articles and longer if requesting books. Most items will show up within a few days, but harder to find items take longer. More information and ordering instructions can be found at:

•    In person visits. UFV students have borrowing privileges at SFU. Bring your ID and a copy of your current registration status. UFV students also have privileges at Douglas College and Kwantlen.

•     Visit your public libraries. In addition to your local library, Vancouver Public Library provides an excellent research resource. VPL has an expansive collection that is accessible to those who have a VPL card as well as to Fraser Valley library cardholders. 



Advisors support educational planning for prospective and current UFV students. They help students plan their educational career, develop academic success skills, and guide them to available resources and services.


The UFV Career Centre offers experiential learning opportunities and career planning resources through programs in co-operative education, work-study and career services.


The Disability Resource Centre represents UFV's commitment to enhancing and facilitating the support of students with disabilities. Furthermore, the Disability Resource Centre provides information to UFV students, staff and faculty, as well as the community, on disability issues and the implications of disabilities on education. By so doing, we celebrate the enrichment that persons with disabilities bring to UFV.


The Priority Access to Student Supports (PASS) is an online service that enables instructors to identify and assist those students who are at risk of falling behind. Rather than simply "hoping" that students in difficulty will seek help, instructors are able to refer students for timely and targeted support from Student Services or others within the institution. The system provides early intervention so small problems don’t turn into large problems. PASS connects students to the resources they need, when they need them.


You will be able to request help from Peer Tutors in a range of subject-area specialities. Please check back as we update our website to include more detail about this. If you need some assistance in a subject area sooner than that, please call us at 605-504-4282 to arrange an appointment. 



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