School of Land Use and Environmental Change

Upcoming courses


GEOG 103 The Physical Envrionment 
GEOG 105 Natural Hazards and Hollywood
GEOG 109/GDS 100 A World of Development
GEOG 111 Environmental Issues and Strategies
GEOG 130 Geography of Canada
GEOG 140 Human Geography 
GEOG 202 Understanding Your Earth: Landforms and Processes
GEOG 219 Biogeography
GEOG 240 World Regional Geography
GEOG 241 Social Geography: The Urban Experience
GEOG 252 Explanation in Geography: Quantitative Methods
GEOG 253 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 257 Environment: Science and Communications
GEOG 300   Special Topics in Geography 
GEOG 307 Climates of Cities
GEOG 314 Geography of Food
GEOG 323 War, Terrorism and Peace
GEOG 344 Geography of Urban Development
GEOG 346 Geography of Religion and Peacebuilding
GEOG 452 Advanced Field Methods
GEOG 453 Remote Sensing of the Environment 
ENV 200 Bioregional Communities
ENV 410  Environmental Seminar
GDS 340 Geographies of Poverty and Development

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