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Amir Shabani

Dr. Amir Shabani

Assistant Professor, School of Computing

Computing Science

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Dr. Shabani is directing the Interactive Intelligent Systems and Computing research where his team is looking at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, internet of things (IoT), and augmented reality (AR) for applications in health care, energy, smart building automation and industrial automation (Industry 5.0), and also education. More specifically, his current projects include personalized machine learning in physiotherapy rehabilitation, social companion robotics, indoor positioning and contact tracing, active aging, augmented collaborative workspace of industry 5.0, and smart spaces.

Prior to UFV, Dr. Shabani had been NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges (IRCC) for smart connected buildings to focus on the development of AI and big data technologies in human-centred intelligent system designs as a core of a smart city. During the last decade, Dr. Shabani secured several public and private funding opportunities from NSERC, Ontario Center of Excellence, MITACS, FedDev and private companies, exceeding over $1 million as principle investigator (PI) and others as co-PI.

He completed his PhD in Machine Learning and Computer Vision at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Shabani has been invited to present his research at Stanford University, Queen-Mary University of London, University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, Ryerson University, and the IEEE Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision. Prior to his PhD, Dr. Shabani worked in job-sharing international projects in the field of industrial automation and robotics (Industry 4.0). During this six years, he worked on several multi-million dollar projects with automation companies from Germany, France, Italy, UK, and South Korea.

Dr. Shabani has an exceptional record of project management, supervision, and team leadership in both industry and academia. In addition to the core academic research and teaching activities, he is an active consultant and always welcomes industry collaboration and applied R&D projects that requires expertise in computing and engineering (P.Eng.).

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