Financial Assistance 

Please refer to Program Fees for an overview of program expenses. The UFV Financial Aid Services provides information and assistance for students requiring financial aid. Various funding programs are available for students needing financial help.

Health Care Assistant certificate program costs

(The following fees are approximate and may vary with each individual student)

Tuition $3178.98
Ancillary Fee1 317.79
Experiential Learning and Wellness Fee2 63.45
UFV Student Union Society 30.00
Student Union Building 35.00
U-Pass 43.84
SUS IT Tech Support Service 5.16
UFV Campus & Community Radio 7.85
Cascade Journalism Society 6.12
Campus Connector 27.23
Health & Dental3 215.59
Application Fee 45.00
Graduation Fee 25.00
Textbook & Supplies 350.00
Uniforms & Duty Shoes 350.00
Incidental Fees 120.00
Parking Fees 250.00
Rough Estimate Cost $5071.01

1The ancillary fee provides support for activities, athletics, library and technical services, legacy fund, student accident insurance, and student space. It is set at 10% of the tuition.

2The experiential learning and wellness fee is set at 2% of the tuition.

3Students can opt out (Fall intake only). 

Fees and Additional Costs 

The cost of parking fees, as well as travelling to and from practicum locations is the responsibility of the student.

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