‌‌International Nursing Course

Belize Study Tour


One of two nursing electives currently offered at UFV.

3 credit course includes 20 classroom hours at UFV followed by a 2 week study tour. 

Available to third and fourth year UFV BSN students

(space is limited to 10 individuals).

Tour Leader - BSN Faculty, Sheila Edwards.

About Belize

Belize is a small country in Central America that lies south of Mexico, east of Guatemala on the Caribbean Sea. Belize is adjacent to the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world.

English is the official language but many residents speak Spanish and Creole. 307,000 people live in Belize of which 40% live in poverty. The cost of living is high as compared to surrounding countries. Main cultures of the Belizean people include Mestizo, Black Creole, Mayan and even Mennonites originally from Canada.

Study Tour Objectives               

  • Explore similarities and differences in nursing roles and nursing education between Canada and Belize
  • Assess patient and family health beliefs and practices and consider the influence of culture
  • Further develop intercultural communication skills
  • Choose health promotion teaching strategies which take into consideration beliefs/customs of the local people
  • Consider the impact of Belize health care policies, delivery systems and resources on the health of people

 ‌Study Tour Experiences from May, 2012

  • Experiences at 120 bed Public Tertiary Hospital, 18 bed Private Hospital in Belize City and Clinic
  • Nursing Conference to celebrate international Nurses' Day in San Ignacio
  • Health Promotion teaching for patients in waiting room at Integral Clinic in Belize City‌










Study Tour Events from May 4-18, 2013

  • Experiences at 120 bed Public Tertiary Hospital and 18 bed Private Hospital in Belize City and Clinic
  • Nursing Conference to celebrate international Nurses' week in Corozal; Sheila Edwards presented on the Global Nursing Shortage
  • Nursing students taught children in a local public school about nutrition and personal hygiene


The Trip to Belize costs about $3,000 per student. UFV student nurses hold a variety of fund raising events such as pub nights and evening barbeques as the Trades and Technology campus. Scholarships are available for a few students through International Education.

Contact BSN Faculty, Sheila Edwards at sheila.edwards@ufv.ca for additional information.‌


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