One Page Course Descriptions from Faculty

Below are short course descriptions provided by our faculty. These descriptions will give you a sense of how the course is offered.

Please note that not all courses are listed here. This page includes only courses that have been offered since we bagan posting these descriptions. For official course descriptions, please see the Academic Calendar.

HIST 211 - England from 1066-1688: An Emerging Nation-State

  •  Fall 2017 David Milobar
  • HIST 211 Fall 2018 David Milobar

HIST 212 - A History of Britain, 1688-1990: Great Power Status and Beyond

HIST 241 - History of the United States to 1865

  •  Fall 2017 David Miobar

HIST 242 - History of the United States since 1865

  • HIST 242 Fall 2017 Ian Rocksborough-Smith

HIST 264 - History of India: Akbar to Independence

HIST 265 - India and the Indo-Pacific World


HIST 314 - The Rise and Fall of the British Empire

*HIST 396N - History of U.S. Empire 

  • HIST 396N Fall 2017 Ian Rocksborough-Smith

HIST 364 - Indian Social History

  •  Fall 2017 David Milobar

*HIST 397P - An Immortal Memory: The Life and Afterlife of Alexander The Great (Ancient History Special Topics course)

  • HIST 397P Winter 2018 Aleksandar Jovanovic

*Special Topics course




HIST 415 - Continuity and Change in Victorian Britain

  • Fall 2017 David Milobar

HIST 465 - British India

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