UFV Institutional Learning Outcomes and the
History Program Outcomes

The UFV History Program contributes to the success of our graduates by aiding in the development and acquisition of Institutional Learning Outcomes. All History courses contribute in some way to helping students to achieve these outcomes, in addition to helping them to achieve History Program Outcomes.

UFV identifies the following 8 desired learning outcomes for UFV graduates:

  • Demonstrate information competency
  • Analyze critically and imaginatively
  • Use knowledge and skills proficiently
  • Initiate inquiries and develop solutions to problems
  • Communicate effectively
  • Pursue self-motivated and self-reflective learning
  • Engage in collaborative leadership
  • Engage in respectful and professional practices

To read more about UFV Learning Outcomes, please see here.

The UFV History Department identifies 14 desired learning outcomes for its program students, divided into 3 categories:


  • Research historical topics systematically and effectively
  • Recognize and effectively use primary and secondary sources
  • Interpret research results critically and with relevance to a particular field of academic history
  • Recognize and demonstrate the conventions of academic historical writing
  • Write clearly and effectively with audience expectations in mind
  • Speak clearly and effectively to and in a group

Historical Consciousness:

  • Recognize the difference between the past and the products of historians
  • Recognize that the past is different from the present and attempt to take historical perspectives
  • Recognize that the past takes place within an interconnected and complex context that changes over time
  • Recognize the causes and consequences of historical events

Knowledge and Disciplinary Understandings:

  • Recognize the major fields of historical study both across the discipline and within narrow regional or national areas
  • Identify the broad historical outlines of various regions
  • Recognize the range of historical work inside and outside the academic setting

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