Activity must be clearly aimed towards professional development applicable to you personally and to your career at UFV.


Professional training events
Field trips
Study tours

Full-time employees

a)    May be approved for up to $1,500 per fiscal year (April 1 - March 31)
b)    May be approved for up to $3,000 if the following conditions are met:

        -  Full $1,500 must be available in the fiscal year that the activity takes place
        -  Funds are for a single event

Part-time employees

May be approved for a prorated amount per fiscal year based upon the workload in the fiscal year in which the activity takes place.

Additional guidelines

Conference/workshop events
For common activities including conferences, workshops, training events and seminars the following additional guidelines have been discussed and approved by JPDC. Keep in mind the general guidelines for approvable activities must first have been met.

Expenses such as conference registration fees, economy airfare, hotel, meals and transportation costs are normally eligible. Normally the employee is allowed one (1) day of travel to get to the activity and one (1) day to return after the activity date. However, JPDC can adjust this dependent on the distance and method of travel.

Most personal development activity is not eligible and advice should be sought from HR on these. If in doubt, please contact the Professional Development Assistant for clarification.

Activities commonly or reasonably available at multiple locations
Applications for workshop or training events which are reasonably similar in content and available in multiple locations must select a location closest geographically to UFV’s catchment area to be approvable. If a more distant location is requested, applicants must provide a rationale for the additional cost to the fund.

Unaccredited training sessions offered by companies such as Fred Pryor, SkillPath, and Career Track, among other similar providers typically offer short sessions on topics including business writing and advertising, project and time management, conflict management, and communication skills. These events provide learning opportunities which are reasonably similar from provider to provider and readily available through sessions available within the Lower Mainland. Therefore, approval for these events does not include funding for flights and associated travel costs beyond mileage incurred within the Lower Mainland. Eligible expenses for these events is limited to mileage, registration fees and per diems for the day. 

Study tours
Applicants must demonstrate a clear connection between study tour participation and their current professional role at UFV.

Applicants must demonstrate how the study tour participation is an approvable professional growth activity outlined in the criteria for all approvable In-Service Professional Development activities.

Tour leader expenses will not be funded through In-Service PD.

Staff only substitute funding
30 hours per fiscal year may be available to fund the costs of a direct replacement for a staff employee to attend a conference/workshop. The employee on leave must be replaced from his or her regular working duties during the period of the activity (timesheets must be provided to HR). Study time or project work related to a course does not qualify for substitute funding. If substitute time is required, supervisor is to send request to

Submitting an application

Your application must be submitted to and approved by your supervisor and a scanned copy received at PRIOR to attending an activity or making a PD purchase. Should you submit your PD application after the fact; your application will not be accepted.


Advances will only cover costs associated with travel and accommodations. Minimum advance amount is $500. PD advances are available to employees with full or part-time ongoing permanent appointments.

Reimbursement of expense

Once your activity has been approved and the expense has occurred, please refer to the In-Service Professional Development Expense Claim Guidelines and submit the completed Expense Claim Form to Human Resources. Expenses will be reimbursed once an ‌‌In-Service Professional Development - POST PD Report has been submitted to your supervisor for review and signature. Please send a scanned copy to HR at‌.
Please note that the original detailed receipt with proof of payment must be included. For example, a visa or debit receipt alone will not be accepted as a valid expense receipt for meals unless accompanied by original restaurant invoice. Third party payments will not be accepted. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing of your expense claim form. 

In-Service Professional Development Application Form
In-Service Professional Development Criteria and Guidelines

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ Lee Newbery ‌by email or by phone at 604.504.7441 local 5133.

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