Joint Professional Development Committee

Terms of Reference

1. Article 24 of the collective agreement sets out the provisions for professional development (PD) and leaves at UFV.

2. Under article 24.5 (a) the administration and allocation of the Professional Development Fund is the responsibility of the Joint Professional Development Committee (JPDC) which shall, in consultation with the applicant’s senior administrator and having considered the needs of the department, accept, modify or reject an employee’s request for funds and/or time.

3. The JPDC will set the institution-wide criteria for professional development and resolve questions and concerns arising from applications for professional development. 

4. The membership of the JPDC will include two co-chairs – one FSA and one management. The FSA and management co-chairs are expected to have prior experience with JPDC.    

5. Additional FSA members elected by the FSA will include three instructional faculty members (each of whom will divide evenly the responsibility to represent and liaise with each of the UFV faculties), one academic support faculty member, and two staff members. 

6. Additional Management representatives will include five members of management appointed by the employer to bring expertise and balance to the committee. 

7. All members of the Joint Professional Development Committee are elected for a three year term. Members may choose to run again. In consultation with the committee the FSA executive and the Employer may each choose to appoint members to fill temporary vacancies which arise. 

8. The JPDC will convene a minimum of once per semester to share expertise across the institution and to formulate and review policies and identify resources for employees to assist them with professional development. 

9. The Joint Professional Development Committee recognizes the importance of professional development for UFV administrators and non-FSA members and will include them in group activities when appropriate. 

10. The Joint Professional Development committee may specify a proportion of the professional development budget to be allocated to UFV-wide professional development activities or the facilitation thereof. 

JPDC Sub-Committee(s)

1. The JPDC will maintain a Sub-Committee consisting of five representatives from the JPDC which includes the two JPDC Co-Chairs, one staff member, one faculty member, and one academic support faculty member. The sub-committee will meet on a regular monthly basis to review and respond to professional development questions and appeals. A quorum of four members will be required, including at least one of the Co-Chairs. 

2. The JPDC may seek the advice of a Sub-Committee regarding the acceptance, modification, or rejection of an application for assisted leave, unassisted leave, exchange leave and for release from teaching workload for scholarly purposes. For faculty leaves, the sub-committee will include faculty who are or have recently been active in scholarship, and who bring to the committee an understanding of the breadth of scholarship. To ensure this breadth, these faculty members need not be current members of the JPDC. 

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