In the Fall, UFV retirees are honored with an evening banquet in celebration of their retirement. Family, friends and many retirees from years past take the opportunity to come back and visit with former colleagues and reminisce for the evening.  Many current employees also attend to wish the new retirees well.  

2014 Retirement Celebration


Cheryl Isaac

Ora Steyn 

Susan Fisher

Sandy Tait  

Trudy Archie

Nancy Sexton  

Julie Williams 

Paul Herman

Wendy Burton

Janet Allanson  

Anne Koch

Lesley Spier  

Jim Strachan

Moira Kloster

Dianne Common

Astrid Beugeling

Sybille Stegmueller

   View the 2014 Retirement Celebration Photo Gallery

2013 Retirement Celebration


Elizabeth Carpenter

Joan Kilbride

Karola Stinson

Larry Gritzmaker

Mary Rigby-Jones

Barbara Stirskey

Maureen Kiner

Margaret Brackett

Patricia Bullock

Sandra Sasaki

Cindy Pugsley

 Cheryl Dahl 

Judy Neetz  

Darryl Plecas 

Vi Chappell    

Gail Hull 

Rick Mawson

Elizabeth Dennis 

Terry Anderson

Pieter Steyn

Linda Toews

Pat Harris 

Ron Laye

Gwen Clarke

Valerie Hughes

Paul Burkhart   

Bernie Duncan

Kathie Ramsay 

Hilary Cooper 

Ruth Vandenbor 

 View the 2013 Retirement Celebration Photo Gallery

For more information regarding our upcoming Retirement Celebration please contact  Nancy Scarrow, Local. 4065. 


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