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Process overview

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Determine eligibility for rating

How often can a position be reviewed by JCAC?
For newly created positions or existing positions that have had a substantial change in duties, the employee needs to perform the duties for a minimum of six (6) months before the position is rated through JCAC. Normally, however, the practice is to extend this time-frame to about one (1) year to accommodate positions with cyclical activities and to ensure the employee has had more exposure to the work to provide a more accurate rating.
Existing positions with substantial changes in duties and responsibilities may have a formal review by JCAC every two (2) years or sooner (initiated by the employee, supervisor, or the Employer), assuming approvals are granted by your department. Positions that do not have substantial changes in duties and responsibilities may have a formal review by JCAC every five (5) years.
How do you determine if the position’s duties & responsibilities have undergone substantive changes?
Note that not all changes in duties and responsibilities may be significant enough to warrant a classification review or necessitate a revised position description. Some research and analysis is required as the ranges within a classification rating allow for a degree of flexibility in terms of the depth and scope of a position’s responsibilities. The first step is to understand how the job evaluation plan is applied and the thirteen subfactors within the plan. In addition, the following items may help to identify if significant changes have been made and if a job review is warranted.
  • Have any of the major areas of responsibility been removed or added?
  • Are there new/additional formal supervisory responsibilities for ongoing, Type A staff where you are required to support performance management?
  • Are there new/increased signing authority, budget management, monitoring, or administrative responsibilities?
I want to initiate a job review request. How do I get started?
Job review is a process that requires the participation of employees and their supervisors. As an employee, you can initiate the process by having a conversation with your supervisor. After having a conversation with your supervisor, and if your job description is determined to be eligible for rating, the next step is to prepare the revised job description for the Supervisor's and Senior Administrator's review and approval.
The changes identified were not determined to be substantive changes. What does that mean?
If substantive changes were not identified, it means that the previous classification was determined to reflect a range of duties and responsibilities and the changes were deemed to be within that classification’s scope.
The job classification system allows for a number of criteria to impact the classification, however, an impact on the pay group requires a position to have changed substantively, or, in a way that brings the duties and responsibilities outside the most recent classification rating’s range.
In some instances, if a position’s rating was at the lower end of the range, it might mean that there was a wider range for the position to grow into that still kept it within the same pay group.


Human Resources and the Joint Classification Audit Committee work to conduct reviews and communicate results as quickly as possible. Employees and Supervisors can support an efficient process by reading the information available and following instructions closely to ensure a complete submission and to minimize requests for information. Incomplete submissions and requests for additional information will cause a delay in the process.

Initial review request: Timelines for approval (prior to JCAC submission) are 35 days from the date that the Supervisor approves the review request to the date that the Senior Administrator approves the revised job description. Article 17.11 of the Collective Agreement outlines this process further:

(c) An employee may at any time formally request that his or her supervisor review the employee’s job description to determine its adequacy. The request will be made in writing to the supervisor, will be accompanied by a copy of the employee’s current job description and should include information concerning the reasons for the request.

(d) The employee and their supervisor will meet within a reasonable and mutually agreed to timeframe to review the job duties.

If the supervisor determines that the position is not eligible for review by JCAC, the process ends here. The position may be reviewed again once eligible.

(e) Within ten (10) work days of meeting with the employee, the supervisor will consult with the appropriate senior administrator. The supervisor will provide the administrator with a copy of the current job description, and a summary of changes discussed with the employee.

(f) The senior administrator shall give a written response to the employee within ten (10) work days from the date of the consultation with the supervisor. If the Senior Administrator approves changes in the job description, he or she will notify the employee that Human Resources has been advised to prepare a revised job description.

(g) Human Resources shall, within ten (10) work days of receiving notice from the Senior Administrator, prepare a revised job description and forward it to the Senior Administrator for review.

(h) If the Senior Administrator approves the revised job description, he or she shall forward the appropriate documentation to the JCAC within five (5) work days and will provide a copy to the employee. The documentation will include a copy of the current audited job description which notes all duties changed; and a copy of the revised approved job description prepared by Human Resources.

JCAC Review: Once a review request is presented to the JCAC at the next scheduled meeting, the review process in its entirety takes approximately 1-2 months (or longer depending on whether subsequent requests for information are required). During September to June, the Committee meets on weeks two and four of the meeting schedule each month; July and August meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis. Please note that positions evaluated during July and August may have a delay in processing due to holidays, etc.

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Prepare a revised job description

How do I get started?

If your job description is eligible for JCAC review as confirmed by your Supervisor, the next step is to prepare the revised job description (Full and Condensed versions) for the Supervisor and Senior Administrator’s review and approval. Either the employee or the supervisor can initiate this; note with multiple employees in the same position, all require the opportunity to provide input on the revised job description.

Human Resources provides administrative support and recommendations in preparing a Full and Condensed version of your proposed job description following UFV guidelines.

To ensure good communication within your department, Human Resources will advise the exempt Administrative Assistant and your supervisor of the on-going draft preparation. We encourage employees to do the same and to work with your supervisor(s) during the drafting process to help expedite the review.

What do I need to create the job description?

The current job description serves as a starting point for the revised draft. The Additional Resources section has information on how to prepare the description including:

  • Staff Position Description Template
  • Preparing a Job Description Procedure
  • Example Condensed Job Description
  • Example Full Job Description
Supervisory review

Once the Full and Condensed versions of your job description are created on the approved template, the position will need to be reviewed and approved by the supervisor and next level manager/director as applicable and the senior administrator. This next step is tracked using the approval form, Staff Job Description Review Form.

  • Provide both the Full and Condensed versions of  the job descriptions, the existing job description, and the "Review Form" to your supervisor when starting the review process
  • Timelines for approval are 35 days from the date that the draft job description is prepared and presented to your Supervisor

If changes are approved, the job description is sent to the JCAC committee for review.

If not approved, the job description review is now complete. The description has an opportunity to be re-evaluated in two years or potentially earlier if there are substantial changes in job duties as determined by your supervisor.

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Prepare the position description questionnaire
The Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) is to be completed once a formal request for a job description review is in progress (as tracked by the Staff Job Description Review Form).
The PDQ is to be completed by the employee with supervisor review and comments.  The purpose of the questionnaire is to gather detailed information about the duties and responsibilities performed, especially within the context of the factors used to evaluate and classify positions, so that all positions can be accurately reviewed by the Job Classification Audit Committee (JCAC).
All information will be kept confidential and will be used only to evaluate the job or to develop a job description. This questionnaire is not about job performance, and job performance has no impact on the evaluation of this position.
Documents proceed to JCAC
Once the following documents have been prepared with appropriate signatures and approvals, the documents are to be sent to Human Resources for review by the Job Classification Audit Committee.
  1. Current job description on file
  2. Revised condensed version of the job description
  3. Revised full version of the job description
  4. Staff Job Description Review Form
  5. Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)
  6. Any additional supporting documentation regarding the reason for the review request *optional

Once the JCAC receives notification at the next scheduled meeting, the committee evaluates and rates the job duties of the position according to the standard Staff Job Evaluation Plan.

The committee may follow-up with the supervisor and/or employee(s) for further clarification and questions on duties as required.

The JCAC finalizes the rating; the rating report and final job description are then submitted to the Senior Administrator for approval. From there, the employee(s) are notified of the outcome. Human Resources then posts the approved job description online and coordinates changes to systems for job title and/or pay as required.

Additional resources
  1. Staff Position Description Template
  2. Preparing a Job Description Procedure
  3. Sample job description – Full Version. This document is the longer and more detailed version of your position's job description; it is used as a resource document during rating. This normally is created first in the revision process. ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌
  4. Sample job description – Condensed Version. This document represents the shorter version of your position's job description; is used as the official job description once rated. This document is used for other employment activities including guiding performance evaluations.‌‌‌‌‌‌
  5. Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)

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Frequently asked questions

If additional duties have been assigned to a position, will it increase pay grades? Not necessarily. There is a points range for each pay group. It is not unusual for duties to change within a position, or duties to be added that require the same type of function and thus are awarded the same rating. Also, the position may have a new, higher rating assigned to it however could still remain within the same pay grade. 

If the volume of work has increased, can an employee be compensated through job review? No. The classification system does not take into consideration the volume of work. Its purpose is to examine the functions and responsibilities of the position. Assigning additional weight to an area of responsibility causes superficial inflation in the assigned points and inequity across other positions within the system. As a result, doing more of the same work does not result in a changed classification rating or pay group.

Can a position be reclassified to a pay group lower than the current classification? Yes, this can happen. The current incumbent will not be penalized for this. Refer to Collective Agreement Article 21.6 Rate of Pay on Reclassification.

Does the performance evaluation of an employee have an impact on the classification of their position? No. The performance evaluation process is a separate and distinct function from classification.

I have the same title (e.g.: Coordinator, Officer, Analyst) as someone else; why aren’t our ratings the same? Many positions at UFV share similar titles, but have different levels of responsibility and duties. It is the job content as measured by the classification system that determines similarities and differences between jobs, not the job title.

I know another employee, in a different department, who holds a similar position to me. It has a different title, but I know we do the same things. Why aren’t the ratings the same? Jobs are evaluated based on the requirements of the job and information provided at the time of rating. In some cases, jobs are given weight based on context or details in a job description or additional documentation beyond the job posting or job description. Although two positions may appear similar, they may in fact carry weight in different areas that affect the ratings.

Who should be contacted regarding classification questions? As an employee, your first resource is your supervisor since this is the person responsible for your work assignment. If you need additional information, your next contacts are Wendy Gracey, Employer Co-Chair of the JCAC and Gayle Noel, FSA Co-Chair of the JCAC.

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