If You Suspect Harassment or discrimination

UFV's Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Office is available to offer confidential advice and assistance in resolving a variety of interpersonal conflicts among all members of the University community. In addition, the Office will receive informal and formal complaints of discrimination and harassment. The Office’s services include:

  • Confidential individual consultations and referrals
  • Confidential individual conflict coaching
  • Facilitated conversations between two or more parties
  • Voluntary mediation sessions between two or more parties
  • Labour, management, and Student Union consultations
  • Informal complaints of discrimination
  • Informal complaints of harassment
  • Formal complaints of discrimination
  • Formal complaints of harassment
  • Education sessions for individuals and groups  

Informal conflict resolution process

On your own

An individual can sometimes deal with unwelcome behaviour by providing a clear and assertive message to the other party that they want the offensive behaviour to stop. When confronting the other party, it is most effective to:

  • Describe the unwelcome behaviour in as specific terms as possible
  • Describe both the emotional and professional impact of the behaviour using language that avoids attributing blame
  • Provide specific suggestions of what future behaviour is desired
  • Anticipate resistance and use repetition to ensure that the message is received
Wherever appropriate and possible, an earnest attempt at resolving harassment situations informally should be made by all parties without filing a written complaint. Such early resolutions, when possible, assist in creating and sustaining a respectful working and learning environment.

At all times individuals should be aware that ignoring the behaviour will not ensure that it will stop. Ignoring offensive behaviour is sometimes viewed as tacit acceptance of the conduct. The consequence may be a continuation or escalation of the behaviour.

Early resolution may also be possible with assistance. Those wishing to explore the possibility of informal resolution mechanisms such as coaching, facilitated conversations, and third-party mediation, should contact the Human Rights & Conflict Resolution Officer.

Writing a Letter to a Person Who Has Harassed or Offended You

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