Xwla ye toteló:met qas ye slilekwel (listen to the sound clip)
“towards understanding and harmony”
- translated from Halq'eméylem by Siyamiateliyot (Elizabeth Phillips)

Learning Outcomes for the Indian Residential School Day of Learning


Did you know…

…that there were two residential schools that operated in the Fraser Valley, one in Mission (St. Mary’s) and one in Chilliwack (Coqualeetza)?

…that during 1880-1996 over 150,000 Aboriginal children – some as young as four – were forcibly removed from their homes to live in the Indian Residential School systems, and that others were designed to extinguish Aboriginal culture?

…that the last Residential School closed in 1996?


In order to focus on the student experience, the following learning outcomes were developed for the Indian Residential School Day of Learning:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal perspectives of the Indian Residential School experience, and its multi-generational impacts and ongoing consequences
  • Pursue self-reflective learning in relation to the two residential schools that operated in the Fraser Valley: St. Mary’s in Mission, and Coqualeetza in
  • Develop cooperative approaches toward healing, reconciliation, and positive relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people

If you or someone you know is distressed by this website or during the Residential Schools Day of Learning, please contact UFV Counselling Services by calling 604-854-4528 (Abbotsford), 604-795-2808 (Chilliwack) or by coming in to your nearest Student Services office.  Every effort will be made to accommodate you in a crisis.

If you or someone you know experiences a crisis after hours, please call the toll free  24 hour Crisis Line at 1-877-820-7444 or the Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line at 1-866-925-4419.

If there is immediate risk, please call 911 or the UFV emergency security line at 7770. 


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