‌‌‌‌‌S’iwes Toti:lt Q’ep — Teaching and Learning Together

Indigenizing the Academy Gathering at UFV : August, 2012


As summer turned to fall of 2012, 275 delegates from 33 post-secondary institutions came together at the University of the Fraser Valley’s Aboriginal Gathering Place.  The purpose of the Gathering: To discuss Indigenization – a way of making the university welcoming for Indigenous cultures, knowledge, learners, faculty and staff.

Discussion groups included members of the Aboriginal Elders, community, students, administrators, faculty and indigenizers.

Over three days, two keynote speakers, multiple guest speakers and discussion groups produced what we called

S’iwes Toti:lt Q’ep — Teaching and Learning Together

Our website contains videos of the keynotes, reports, findings, discussions, requests for feedback from scholars and community. Please take a look and feel free to contribute to our very rich resource.

Indigenizing the Academy Conference Report and Brochure

 Outcomes Report: Indigenizing the Academy conference

























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