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Design-Thinking Innovation workshop

In this interactive, hands-on workshop you will experience “innovation in action” as you learn the principles of design-thinking innovation and explore how this tool can be used to foster creative, collaborative culture in your areas. You will also learn about the conditions that create environments for you and your teams to nurture and develop great ideas to solve real problems in real time. Innovation requires a different way of thinking about problems and solutions and also how we work together effectively in teams within organizations.

You will learn

  • why we need to innovate, and how we help that happen
  • the conditions necessary to foster innovative culture
  • the importance of experimentation, risk and failure in innovation
  • the principles of design thinking that foster innovation
  • how to work effectively in teams to find innovative solutions

You will also

  • take away the tools you need to innovate with your teams and solve real problems, efficiently and effectively
  • be provided with a “design-thinking innovation canvas” to take back to your teams

Innovation must be core in the DNA of the organization to be effective. This means everyone must be invited to participate in continuous improvement through innovation. This introductory workshop was first presented to the UFV leadership team and is now available to any UFV unit afterwards (e.g. departmental retreats, area focus sessions, mixed groups).

Workshop prerequisites

Come prepared to participate in solving real problems submitted by the UFV community through design-thinking innovation. Typically, you are asked to bring problems from your area to the workshop.

  • Length is 4 hours
  • Workshops can accommodate 12-24 people
  • Times are flexible depending on schedule on Tuesdays (or during normal work hours or on alternate days, by request)

Download your Design-Thinking Innovation Canvas

Workshop facilitator

Dave Harper, UFV Interim Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship will facilitate this workshop. In addition to his roles at UFV, Dave also works as a consultant to the BC tech sector where he helps businesses and organizations develop innovative cultures.

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