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Intentional Collisions

Intentional Collisions

You might have heard of serendipitous collisions, a design principle that creates spaces where people bump into each other and have spontaneous conversations. This has been shown to foster interdisciplinarity, innovation, and morale, so most modern corporate offices now build them into their plans (think Apple). For more, please see this short article from Cornell University: Cornell-Tech

I&E@UFV would like to encourage these collisions, but in a more deliberate manner, hence ntentional Collisions.

The action on your part is simple and easy: just let us know that you’re interested and we’ll assign you to a group of three that will consist of folks from different areas within UFV. We will then ask you to meet three times over three months. It can be for coffee or a meal, on campus or off, and any time of the day; you sort it out! You meet, get to know each other and chat about anything that interests you. Once you’ve met three times, you will be invited to submit a very short summary of your experience. Groups that successfully complete the exercise will be entered into a draw for a great prize. Have fun!

Sign-up for this round of Intentional Collisions is now closed – please stay tuned for more.

Participants from this term

If you did participate this term, we encourage you to let us know your thoughts by filling out our short feedback form at the link below:

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