Foundation Plans

Six foundation plans guide the implementation of the Strategic Directions throughout the university. These plans reflect the core components of the university and incorporate elements of each with the other as they are integrated. Together, the foundation plans inform all operational planning within the university.

Education Plan   (Provost and Vice-President, Academic)
The Education Plan is the central plan of the university’s educational enterprise and is reflective of the Strategic Directions and of the minds of both our academy and students.   The current plan, titled Students and Community, Education Planning at UFV, 2011-2015 was approved by Senate, April 2011.  This foundation plan contains a number of specific goals and strategies, and widely informs operational planning and decision-making throughout the university.  It also documents the specific education plans within each of the faculties.


Budget Plan   (Chief Financial Officer)
The Budget Plan is the enabling plan for all foundation plans, and is accordingly formulated through and extensive process of collaboration, review, revision and approval in relation to all university activity.  Implementation of the 2011-2012 Budget Plan followed consultation with the Senate, and approval by the Board.  Planning is underway for the development of the 2012-2013 Budget.  Concurrent with that, a revised budget model is under development, reflective of the Strategic Directions, to ensure, as the university continues to grow, a tight performance link between budget plans and realized performance within all programs and administrative units throughout the institution.  This revised budget model will establish greater budgetary authority and responsibility within all operating areas, and is planned for trial implementation with the 2012-13 budget.


Human Resources Plan   (Associate Vice President, Employee Services)

The centrality of human resource planning is well understood in the success of our University.  The Human Resources Plan supports the University’s strategic directions with a mission and vision “to attract, inspire and enable people who value an inclusive, vibrant and engaging work environment, and who have a passion for learning and development”.  This foundation plan, is currently developing several key planning strategies and goals, for example, in employee recruitment and succession, enabling career opportunities and the maintenance and enhancement of a positive, safe, healthy, productive, inclusive, engaging and affirming workplace environment.

Capital and Facilities Plan Update   (Director, Campus Planning)
Just as people are a foundation of our university, so too are our facilities, the “bricks and mortar”. In recent years, our growth and evolution as a university has intensified the demands, and consequently the challenge in balancing our capital and facilities needs (academic, student and workplace) to resources.  The Capital and Facilities Plan Update, summarizes capital and facilities planning directions over the coming year, integrating needs identified in other plans, and goals of the university’s strategic directions.  The capital and facilities plan update also reflects other plans, of varying time horizons, related to the University’s capital assets and facilities operations, including the campus master plan, capital projects plan, building maintenance and upgrade plan, energy management plan, classroom improvement plan and space management plan. All university capital and facilities planning embraces the values of student engagement and environmental sustainability, an operational ethos of continuous improvement, and the commitment to provide facilities that are safe, clean, comfortable and welcoming.


Student Engagement and Success   (Vice President, Students)
At the foundation level, students are at the core of the University, and their engagement and success at UFV is fundamental to all plans.  Many factors influence student engagement and success. This plan is currently in development, targetted for completion in the 2011-2012 academic year. Components of the Student Engagement Plan will include an inventory and analysis of current student engagement activities, identification of existing initiatives under development, identification of existing barriers to student engagement, with strategies and goals for enhancing student engagement. This plan will integrate with the other foundation plans and will directly inform supporting plans at the departmental and unit level.  It is expected that the Student Engagement and Success Plan will identify key benchmarks for evaluating the progress, and success of the plan in achieving the strategic directions.

Community Engagement and Accountability   (Director, Institutional Research)

Two years ago, the traditional annual “Service Plan” accountability report for UFV was replaced with a significantly expanded, Institutional Accountability Report and Plan, more akin to a corporate shareholders annual report.
This annual report is also a foundation plan, both reflective and prospective.  It is reflective in respect of our overall performance in achieving our Strategic Directions, and it is institutionally prospective in in relation to two central themes of the strategic directions, the engagement of community, and accountability in achieving our goals.  The 2011-12 to 2013-14 Institutional Accountability Report and Plan was approved by the Board in June, 2011.

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