Overview of Planning at UFV

The Office of Integrated Planning was established following the adoption of the Strategic Directions, 'Changing Lives, Building Community' approved by the UFV Board in April 2010. It was recognized that to achieve the goals of this plan, coordination of planning activities would be required at the institutional level. Over the 2010-2011 academic year, an integrated planning framework was developed to enable the strategic directions to be incorporated into activity plans throughout the university, and to provide scope and definition to individual plans.

Institutional planning at UFV is structure at three levels. At the overarching level is the Strategic Directions, with the plan, as noted, now in place and guiding all other planning activity.

Foundation Plans

At the next level, six foundation planshave been established, each representing a core element of the university. The core elements are interdependent, and accordingly, each plan is framed in the context of the other foundation plans. These foundation plans elaborate more specifically on the strategic directions. with major goals and objectives as they relate to the core element. Each foundation plan also integrates with the core elements of the other plans. Practically, this interdependence among foundational plans requires that they be developed with priorities and timelines to accommodate and enable the other foundation plans. Taken together, the six foundation plans embody all the Strategic Directions. The illustration below depicts the context for the six foundation plans guiding implementation of the Strategic Directions throughout the university.

Operational Plans

Within the integrated planning framework, there are certain operational plans which have a university wide focus relating to a particular strategic initiative. There are, at present, four strategic initiatives with Operational Plans, two in progress, Indigenizing the Academy and the Online Campus, and two complete, The Strategic Research Plan, 2010-2015 and Internationalization. Similar to the foundation plans, these plans are intended to inform all unit and program activity throughout the university.

Planning Cycle

Integrated planning requires that Foundational Plans be integrated with each other and together they inform operational planning. Timing is an important element in plan coordination. Individual planning activities need to be scheduled within a planning cycle each year to ensure that appropriate information is gathered, documented, and disseminated to enable the consultation and collaboration inherent in an integrated process.

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