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Survey Services

Survey Ethics and Policy

There is currently no official survey policy at UFV. Responsibility for reviewing research involving humans at UFV rests with the Human Research Ethics Board, and individually with the researchers themselves.

Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) conducts its own surveys of UFV students and administers surveys for third parties, such as BCStats, which designs the various student outcome surveys. IRP has no official role in administering surveys for other areas at UFV, but the department informally provides some services for surveys, such as managing FluidSurveys accounts and providing feedback on survey instruments.

Create a survey using FluidSurveys

IRP administers 35 FluidSurveys licenses for use at UFV. 

Licenses are:

  • Distributed across UFV areas to maximize access
  • Open for use by several people per license
  • Closed if inactive or duplicated, in order to ensure as many units have accounts as possible
  • Available internally. No external bodies, including UFV students, may get a FluidSurveys account from UFV (UFV students may be able to get account access under the oversight of an account holder, typically their faculty supervisor)

Although FluidSurveys has provided notice that they will not continue this contract, it will be available to UFV users until at least February 2018. BCNET, the organization responsible for shared IT services in B.C. universities, is in the process of exploring possible replacements for FluidSurveys.

Survey Support Services

IRP provides some support for surveys to internal bodies. In general, other than for surveys specified by senior management at UFV, IRP does not develop and administer surveys for internal or external bodies.

Support services include:

  • Consultation on survey development, sample design, and sample size determination
  • Sample selection
  • Survey deployment scheduling
  • Information on best practices to improve response rate
  • Training on FluidSurveys software

Surveys involving student samples

IRP has the authority to extract student samples from the internal student records system. You must request student samples at least three weeks prior to the required date of survey deployment. In special cases when IRP is unable to extract a sample, we contact the Office of the Registrar (OReg)  to create a population selection file (popsel) for the request. 

The Office of the Registrar requires at least three weeks to process popsel-creation requests.

IRP cannot access certain groups to extract samples. These groups include UFV faculty and staff, alumni, and students who attended UFV, but did not graduate. You must make a special request to the departments that hold this information, namely Human Resources, Alumni Relations, and OReg respectively.

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