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Strategic planning

UFV is currently engaged in an integrated strategic planning process. For more information, visit the Integrated Strategic Planning 2020 website.

The Strategic Plan is the overarching plan at UFV. It is our most central plan which includes our vision, mission statement and values. Indigenizing Our Academy describes how the university will change to make room for the expression of indigenous culture and forms of knowledge. The Institutional Learning Outcomes define what the UFV community sees as successful learning and therefore, successful teaching. The Education Plan sets the academic direction for UFV by identifying specific priorities the university needs to achieve. 

These four central documents are supplemented by a set of more specific plans. The Strategic Enrolment Plan and the Strategic Research Plan are consistent with, and support, the Education Plan. UFV’s Internationalization strategy sets out the roles that international students and international study play in enriching the educational experience of our students. Faculty and Department Plans detail how these areas implement the central plans of the university. 

The Human Resources Plan, the Capital Plan, the Budget Plan, along with University Advancement strategies, describe UFV’s available resources and how they are allocated to support the university’s goals. These areas provide the capital resources, be they human, physical, or financial, to achieve our plans. Lastly, the Accountability Plan and Report summarizes planning at UFV and reports on the university’s performance in achieving its own goals, as well as targets set by the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

The relations among UFV’s plans are illustrated in the diagram below.

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