Institutional Research and Planning

Strategic Plans

The UFV Strategic Plan provides the framework for the growth and evolution of UFV. The Plan includes our vision, mission statement and values.

Timeline: 2010 onwards.

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Developed in 2007, the Indigenizing our Academy Plan provides guidelines on incorporating indigenous values and principles at UFV and addressing the unique educational needs of Aboriginal students and their communities.

Timeline: 2008 onwards.

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The UFV Institutional Learning Outcomes project outlines the abilities that all UFV graduates possess and the interconnected institutional learning outcomes they are able to demonstrate. UFV approved these Institutional Learning Outcomes in August 2012.

Released by: Provost and Vice President, Academic
Timeline: 2012 onwards

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In the spring of 2016 UFV completed its latest Education Plan. One of the key issues addressed by this plan is how the university will be affected by and respond to rapidly changing technology.

As part of this plan UFV conducted a visioning exercise, Vision 2025, for which IRP compiled information, Data for UFV 2025.

Released by: Provost and Vice President, Academic
Timeline: 2016-2020. Next plan in 2021.

Previous Education Plans:

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The Strategic Enrolment Management Plan identifies enrolment goals that are aligned with the university’s strategic goals and resources, and seeks ways to meet these goals through the integration of academic processes, student services, curriculum planning and market analysis.

Released by: Vice President, Students; Provost and Vice-President, Academic Timeline: Next plan in 2020.

Revised in 2016, the Plan lists areas of priority and growth for research at UFV.

Released by: Associate Vice President, Research & Graduate Studies 
Timeline: 2016 onwards.

The UFV Internationalization Goals document draws upon key UFV plans and documents to identify the university's internationalization priorities and provide direction to UFV's internationalization efforts.

Released by: UFV International

Timeline: 2017-2022.‌

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This Plan identifies principles and objectives for the workplace that will help create an inclusive, vibrant and engaging work environment.

Released by: Associate Vice President, Human Resources 
Timeline: Annual

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Updated annually, the plan summarizes capital and facilities planning over the coming year. The plan aims to improve the campus experience for students and strives for environmental sustainability.

Released by: Vice-President, External
Timeline: 2016-2021.

Capital plans are available from the Campus Planning Office. (currently unavailable)

The Consolidated Budget is a fundamental plan for the university. It ensures financial resources are aligned with the institution’s priorities and areas of focus as identified in the Strategic Plan, the Education Plan and the Strategic Enrolment Management Plan.

Released by: Chief Financial Officer
Timeline: Annual

Budget plans are available from the Budget and Financial Planning Office

Each year, UFV submits an Institutional Accountability Report and Plan to the Ministry. The report includes the university’s goals, objectives and performance measure results along with contextual information to describe UFV’s role in providing service to its students and communities.

Released by: Institutional Research & Planning 
Timeline: 2017/18 Reporting Cycle

Accountability reports are posted on our Annual Reports page

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