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Please contact Indigenous Student Centre for information on the Elders Schedule and availability (April-September).  You may contact us at: 604-795-2835 (Elaine Malloway) or 604-557-4069 (Betty Peters) or complete the Resident Elder Service form.

Purpose: Interacts with students through traditional teaching and counselling contact, and provides awareness and guidance through demonstration and discussion. The elder is available to students, families and University staff creating opportunities to increase understanding of Indigenous perspectives and values.

 Delivery of Programs: Creates opportunities at the Indigenous Student Centre (ISC) to engage UFV students in the teaching of their knowledge, wisdom and stories; and attends a variety of gatherings including:

  • Interaction with and guidance of students
  • Traditional teachings, and discussions about heritage and identity
  • Mentoring students, staff & faculty
  • Naming/honouring ceremonies
  • Sharing  knowledge of traditional, cultural activities:
    • Music, dance, traditional dress & ceremonies
    • Story telling
    • Sweat lodge, smudging, harvesting cedar, collecting medicines & medicine walks (based on elder availability)
  • Some related meetings, welcoming addresses and community ‘outreach’ activities

 Elders in Residence (PDF)

Meet the Elders

Elders Fall 2015- Winter 2016 Schedule
11 am-3 pm

11 am-3 pm

Eddie Gardner Tuesdays Mondays
Rene Inkster Thursdays Wednesdays
Theresa Neel Mondays Tuesdays

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