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Request a new mobile phone service

January 2019 - Interim Procedure

UFV is currently in the process of selecting a cell phone provider for the university. We are currently unable to create new accounts or transfer existing accounts to UFV, unless the employee is moving into a vacant position where the previous employee had a UFV Telus account on hold. Until we secure a contract with a provider, departments have two options to offer employees:

  • If the department has a UFV Telus account on hold, the department can purchase a new phone from their departmental budget and ITS can assist in activating the new mobile device.
  • If the department does not have a UFV Telus account on hold we recommend the employee continues using their personal device until we have secured a contract with a provider. With approval from their department, the employee can complete an expense claim form for their monthly mobile expense to be reimbursed directly.
  1. Purchase a new mobile device
  1. Complete a Supply Purchase Requisition (SPR) that includes the make and model of the phone to be purchased.
    • Include the name of the person who will use the phone.
    • If you require a new Telus sim card include the following model: Telus Sim Card LTE Tri SIM
    • If you require a new case, enter the case name and model. To view case options visit Telus Mobility.
    • Include a note on the SPR requesting the phone to be delivered to ITS, Room B244.
    • Ensure the SPR is signed/authorized and budget code for the purchase and future usage billing is included.
    • Keep the bottom copy of your SPR and send the original document to ITS, attn: ITS Assistant.
  1. Activate your new mobile phone
  1. Upon reception of your phone, we will contact you to visit ITS to complete the setup.
    • Before you set up your phone, advise ITS if you would like to transfer an existing phone number to your new phone.
    • If you plan to restore your new phone with content/contacts from a previous phone, complete a back up of your previous phone and sign out of your account (Google ID/Apple ID).
    • When picking up your phone at ITS, you will need to sign into the phone using your UFV username and password.

Add a roaming package

If you are traveling for personal* or business and will be taking your UFV mobile with you please request a roaming package to be added to your plan five days before travel. To request a roaming package employees can create an IT Service Desk ticket or email including the following information:  

  • Your name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Data roaming package requested (check available roaming packages)
  • Region of travel (including city and country)
  • Start date of package
  • Duration of travel

* If your roaming package is used for personal use, you may be required to reimburse the university for the extra expense.

Set up Wi-Fi on your mobile device

Review eduroam instructions to set up Wi-Fi on your mobile device.

Change your existing mobile plan

New UFV mobile accounts are created under our standard usage plan. If an employee is assuming a previous employee's account, the existing plan remains. The details of the plan are provided directly to you at the time of activation by IT Services.

If you would like to make a change to your current plan or inquire about usage, please contact:

ITS Mobile Support
Abbotsford campus, B244
Phone: 604-864-4650
Toll-free: 1-888-504-7441, ext. 4650

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