Are You Involved in Credit Card Transactions?
June 24, 2010

Most likely you use a personal credit card and quite likely either have been affected by credit card fraud or know someone who has.

Due to the increases in credit card fraud, the provincial government is mandating colleges, universities and other provincially funded bodies to become compliant with a set of very complicated security regulations.  These regulations impact the way we do business as well as our computer networks and devices. If we are not compliant and there is a breach of security, there may be very serious consequences for us. These requirements are referred to as PCI DSS short for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. IT Services and Finance are working together with a PCI DSS expert from industry to develop a road map to compliancy.

If you process, transmit or store credit card information in your area, you will be affected!  If you'd like more info, let us know thru our 'Tell Us What You Think' link









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