Novell to Microsoft Migration

- Dec 8, 2010

As part of the Network Operating System migration project, UFV will be moving from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Outlook email in February 2011.  In preparation for that change, auto-archiving has been disabled.  IT Services will begin transferring archived messages to the new system on Monday, December 13. 
Everyone is encouraged to remove unneeded messages from the GroupWise archives before next week.  Please refrain from manually archiving messages after December 13, as these messages will not be transferred to Outlook.
For more information about the migration to Microsoft Outlook, please go to click on the 'Outlook' box.

- Nov 24, 2010

The Network Operating System migration project is proceeding on schedule. As a part of this process, some modifications will be made to workstations. This will occur over the next two or three weeks (starting November 24th) and will include a one-time automatic restart of your workstation. If you experience any issues after this change, please contact the help desk at local 4610.
Your GroupWise mailbox will be migrated to Outlook in the coming months. You can ensure smooth migration of your personal data and reduce the overall migration effort by deleting un-required email from your GroupWise archive and other folders.
For more information about the Network Operating System project, please visit

- June 23, 2010

We have assessed the responses to an RFP for the hardware requirements related to the migration and have ordered from the vendor offering the best value.

We expect the hardware to arrive soon and to be able to start configuring servers on schedule. 

- June 1, 2010

Likely the biggest impact of our Novell to Microsoft Migration will be the move away from Novell's Groupwise for email management to Microsoft's Outlook.  The migration won't occur until 2011 but we are planning already so the transition is as easy as possible. 

We are very pleased that Carl Janzen has agreed to help with this effort.  Carl will be designing and leading training sessions that will be made available to employees to prepare them for the 2011 migration.  You may know Carl as he has led other training sessions coordinated by Employee Services.  We'll have more information on how you can register for Outlook sessions as we get nearer to the 2011 dates.

If you haven't already, please view  this short video  that provides background on the project.  Please check this section for regular updates.  Also please use our "Tell us what you think" link if you have any questions or would like more info.

- May 20, 2010

We have launched the migration project and are on target to meet the schedule on our project plan.  The project plan has staff migrating from Novell's GroupWise, as the office email tool, to Microsoft's Outlook in early 2011.  There will be training offered on Outlook before the migration and we will provide details as we near the date.

Thanks to purchasing, we have issued an RFP to meet the hardware requirements and are currently reviewing the responses.  Training for IT Services staff, in the new Microsoft server technologies, starts the week of May 24th with customized on-site training for four of our analysts. 

If you haven't already, please view this short video that provides background on the project.  Please check this section for regular updates.  Also please use our "Tell us what you think" link if you have any questions or would like more info.

- April 15, 2010

IT Services is currently in the planning phase of a major project which will see the university migrate from the currently used Novell Network Operating System (NOS) to a Microsoft based NOS.

For background and more information please watch this short video


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