UFV Secure Wireless using a Mac

 UFV Network Key

Connecting first time to campus wireless

  • The UFV Wireless Secure Network is accessible throughout the AbbotsfordClearbrookMission and Canada Education Park (CEP Chilliwack) campuses.

  • IT Services offers a secure wireless service with encryption to protect your online private information when connecting your device on campus to online courses, accounts and websites.

  • We recommend you connect using the UFV-Secure Wireless with the provided UFV Network Security Key to minimize network security risks.

NOTE:  While on a UFV campus using wireless, you MUST be connected to the UFV Secure Wireless to access these resources:

  • Blackboard Learn (courses-both students and employees)

  • myFiles (remote file access-both students and employees) 

  • OutlookWepApp (employee-only webmail)  

How to Setup your Wireless Secure Access on a Mac

1. Log into a UFV campus computer to create your UFV computer account, synchronize all of your computer accounts and to make sure your computer account is working properly.

2.  When you turn on the power of your device, your device dectects the wireles network and will list the available networks and choose UFV-Secure.


3.  Enter the network security key: UFV.2010, check Show password and check Join.


4.  Open a browser such as Sarari and type in a web address for an a webpage outside the UFV website (i.e.http://www.cnn.com). 

5. If a security certficate or alert message appears and says to close the page and do not to continue, please ignore and choose to Continue.


8.  You should now be automatically redirected to the UFV Wireless access login page to log in and authenticate to the network:

  • Students log in using their student number and password


  • Employees log in using their computer/network username and password



9.  You may or may not see this message depending on the device and software you are using:

Wireless Setup for Windows7 Pic8

Wireless Help

I am having trouble connecting to myClass (Blackboard), myFiles (network files), and my UFV Employee Email (OWA) while on campus using your wireless device? 

  • Make sure you are connecting to the UFV "Secure" Wireless network for it to work.

What do I do if my "Username and password is not found" when I attempt to log in?

  • Please first log in to a UFV campus computer to synchronize your accounts.

What do I set for my Internet proxy settings?

  • Set your internet browser to auto-discover or direct-connect.

How do I set my Static TCP/IP settings?

  • Copy your TCP/IP settings and choose to "Set to obtain addresses automatically".

Where can I find a UFV computer lab before the drop-in labs are open?

  • UFV Library computers may be available if drop-in labs are closed.  Abbotsford G210 is the main drop-in computer lab available.

Where can I get further wireless assistance?

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IT Guide - UFV Wireless - Mac

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