Students for Sustainability is a driving force for sustainability both on campus and in the community.

Watch out! These students are active, and have been nothing short of successful!
Over the past 5 years, SFS (formerly known as the Enviro Club) has worked closely with the university, governments, non-profit organizations, and businesses to promote sustainability and bring about positive change in the UFV communities.

Some of their endeavors and advocacy initiatives have included:
  • Organizing and Running a successful U-Pass Campaign
  • Hosting the 2009 BC Sustainable Campuses Conference
  • Various education and outreach activities
  • Working with local community groups to implement recycling at UFV
  • Water fill stations on campus
  • Environmental site clean-up
  • Hosting Imagine a Sustainable UFV
  • Helping with Bike -to-Work week
  • Growing an on campus organic salad garden
  • Hosting Vegetarian Organic Dinners at U - House
  • Delivering the Petition for Transit Link To Chilliwack and Abbotsford Council
  • Recycling of Textbooks
  • Organic Salad Party at Welcome Back BBQ and Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Compost 101 presentation slideshow
  • On Campus Trash Audit
  • Sustainable Articles in The Cascade
  • Maintenance of Environmental Bulletin Boards on Campus
With efforts big and small, this student group is working hard for a more sustainable future.

To check out their vision, mission statement and governance, check out About SFS
For more information on meeting dates and location please contact Students for Sustainability

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