Waste management is all about inputs and outputs.  Through recycling initiatives, UFV strives to see that waste is managed in a responsible and sustainable way, minimizing its potential impact to the planet, and providing a social benefit to the UFV communities.

Paper Recycling
As a school one could only imagine how much paper is consumed by staff, students and faculty alike.  As a result, blue bags on wire stands have been made available as a collection location for paper that needs to be recycled.

Cardboard Recycling‌
Cardboard serves a purpose, but what do you do with it when it's simply taking up space?  Cardboard that needs to be recycled can be broken upand placed beside the garbage can where it will be collected and recycled.

Bottle and Can Recycling‌
UFV's beverage container recycling program is sustainability at its finest. Beverage containers are deposited into designated beverage recycling containers on campus and are collected weekly by a recycling collection business that is run and operated by people with special needs who then collect 100% of the proceeds.

UFV Cares about the Environment:

The Logistics department make the commitment to collect and recycle:

  • Toner cartridges from laser printers, fax machines, and copiers
  • Batteries
  • Electronics (CPUs, monitors, keyboards, laptops, mice)
  • Appliances
  • Metal (old shelving, carts, furniture and equipment)

They also save and re-use packing foam, paper, plastic, and styro chips.  They prefer to donate useful items (furniture), but will take materials to recycling or garbage depending on the condition of the item.

Logistics will only handle UFV generated waste & surplus.



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