Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find questions and answers pertaining to the UFV Bachelor of Kinesiology degree program. If your question is not answered here, please read the UFV Academic Calendar or contact the KIN Program Advisor. Students are reminded that it is ultimately their responsibility to be aware of the requirements and policies within UFV and the KIN degree. 

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding human movement and how this it can be enhanced and maximized. Specific sub discipline areas are biomechanics, exercise physiology, human anatomy & physiology, motor control/learning, exercise and sport psychology, pedagogy, physical literacy, sport sociology, health, and sport humanities (history and philosophy). The profession of kinesiology is the application of this knowledge in a particular applied setting that provides employment and career opportunities for the student.

The Kinesiology department is located on the UFV Chilliwack campus at the Canada Education Park (CEP). Courses are offered in Abbotsford and Chilliwack. Students should expect to travel between campuses during their program. The majority of courses, faculty and staff are located at the Chilliwack CEP campus.

All students interested in the BKin program at UFV need to apply and meet the current entrance requirements. There are three intakes per year: Winter (January), Spring/Summer (May) and Fall (September). If you have questions about the admission process, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

If you have attended another institution and you want to know if your courses will transfer to UFV, you will be required to submit your official transcript from all post-secondary institutions you’ve attended. The Office of the Registrar will determine which courses transfer to UFV once you’ve applied and submitted your transcript. You may also be required to submit course outlines. You can also check the BC Transfer Guide.

Total transfer and PLAR credit into the Bachelor of Kinesiology degree must not exceed 90 credits. 

UFV offers upgrading high school courses through the Upgrading and University Prep. Department. Please visit the UUP website for a list of the upgrading courses.

It is also helpful to look at the prerequisites for BIO, CHEM and PHYS courses in order to ensure you are meeting the prerequisites

Students applying to the Kinesiology degree program from university need to hold an overall GPA of 2.33. For specific entrance requirements from a) high school or b) university level, please visit the academic calendar.

Information on registration times, registration order, timetables and payment can be found on the Office of the Registrar's website. Student orientations are offered annually; attending a KIN orientation will also help prepare you for registration.

Students cannot register for a course more than twice without department permission. A maximum of six upper level repeats are permitted. Where a course has been repeated, only the highest grade is counted towards the GPA calculation. 

Students interested in taking upper level KIN courses who are not in the Bachelor of Kinesiology program can register for courses if the course is not restricted by a program prerequisite.

*KIN 301, 302, 360, 362, 366, 371, 455, 450c and 450d are only offered to KIN students.

Students who have declared a minor in Kinesiology can request permission from the KIN Program Advisor to register. Please visit the Academic Calendar for a list of all prerequisites.

Elective classes are courses that count towards your Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, but are not taken within the Kinesiology department. Electives are usually based on student interest or career goals. Electives provide students with a well-rounded education and expand student’s critical thinking and communication skills. Electives can also help you expand your knowledge in other disciplines by specializing in a subject outside kinesiology.

Students following the Exercise Science stream can take non-KIN electives in BIO, MATH, CHEM, PHYS or PSYC. Students following the Pedagogy stream can take non-KIN electives in any discipline. All BKin students are required to complete 36 non-KIN elective credits, including 12 upper level credits. 

Students who wish to take over 20 credits, or more than a full course load must request permission from the KIN Department Head and the Dean of Health Sciences.

Please contact the KIN Program Advisor to submit a request. The request will be evaluated by the Dean based on your Academic Standing. 

Students who wish to take over 20 credits, or more than a full course load must request permission from the KIN Department Head and the Dean of Health Sciences.

Please contact the KIN Program Advisor to submit a request. The request will be evaluated by the Dean based on your Academic Standing. 

The Kinesiology Department Policies can be found on our website under KIN policies. Students are expected to be aware of and follow the policies set out by UFV. 

Students can declare their stream once they are admitted to the Kinesiology degree program. Students should keep in mind that exercise science and pedagogy have different course requirements. Students will need to have an idea of what stream they’d like to follow in order to take the appropriate courses for their program plan. Students can declare their stream at any time by e-mailing the Kinesiology Program Advisor

Recommended first year course selection

For those of you who will be following the Exercise Science stream, here are the courses we recommend you register in for the Fall and Winter semesters:

Fall SemesterWinter Semester

KIN 161

KIN 163
KIN 170  Biology 112
Biology 111 Statistic course (STAT 104/106/PSYC 110)
English 105 or CMNS 125  Two non-KIN elective*
KPE Elective course  

*Student following the Exercise Science stream can only take non-KIN electives in Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology.

Those who are following the Pedagogy stream, here are the courses we recommend:

Fall SemesterWinter Semester

KIN 161

KIN 103
KIN 170  KIN 163
English 105 or CMNS 125  KIN 160
Two non-KIN elective Statistic course (STAT 104/106/PSYC 110)
  KPE elective course

If you are unsure at this point of which stream you will be following, here are the courses we recommend for the Fall semester:

Fall Semester

KIN 161

KIN 163
KIN 170
English 105 or CMNS 125
 Statistics course (Stat’s 104 or Stat’s 106 or Psychology 110)

** Please note: The above course selections are only recommendations and can be tailored to meet individual students’ needs.  

Students enrolled in undergraduate courses (100 or above) must maintain an undergrad CGPA of at least 2.00 to remain enrolled in Good Academic Standing at UFV.

Failure to meet the minimum CGPA requirement will result in restrictions on registration and may lead to academic suspension. Students on Academic Warning or Academic Probation are limited to registering in 10 credits per term.

For more detail, see the Academic standing and undergraduate continuance section of the academic calendar.

Any course that is listed as a 3XX and 4XX is considered an upper level course.

The following KIN courses include a lab component: KIN 170, KIN 163, KIN 270, KIN 370, KIN 363, KIN 368, KIN 371 and KIN 462. Students must pass both lab and lecture in order to pass the course.

All students are required to take one upper level KIN elective with a lab. 

There are specific declaration requirements depending on the discipline of the minor. Please talk to the Kinesiology Program Advisor if you are interested in declaring a minor. Prior to booking an appointment with an advisor, do your research on the minor requirements within the program you are interested in. All minor info is listed in the Academic Calendar.

You cannot register and waitlist for the same class. If you do so you will be removed from the waitlisted section within 24 hours.

To obtain a seat through the waitlist before classes start...

Check your myUFV email every day. If you are waitlisted for a course and a seat is available to you, you will receive an email with a deadline to register. You should then register promptly. If you do not register by the deadline, you will be removed from the waitlist.

Please note: If you are offered a seat in a lecture, you will be required to register for a lab at the same time. Ensure there is space in a lab which fits your schedule.

To obtain a seat through the waitlist once classes begin...

Waitlisted students must attend the first class to be considered for a seat. If there are seat vacancies, the instructor will offer them to qualified students who attend the first class in the order of the waitlist.

If the instructor has space for you, he or she will enter the "Late reg Instructor perm" electronically and you will receive an email in your myUFV email account. Register within three business days or the offer will expire. See "How to register" for more information on the Office of the Registrar website.

A prerequisite is a specific course that you must complete before you can take another course at the next level. To be accepted into some upper level KIN courses, you will need to demonstrate on your transcript that you have complete the prerequisite course. Prerequisites ensure you have a certain amount of knowledge about the subject area before moving onto the next level. 

Candidates for graduation from BKin will have completed 120 credits. Students graduating from the Kinesiology degree program must follow the courses outlined on their program plan for their specific stream requirements. If you are unsure if you’re taking the correct courses to meet the requirements for BKin, please contact the Kinesiology Program Advisor.

Program plan requirements differ for Exercise Science and Pedagogy.

How long will it take me to finish my degree?

Students can complete the program in a full time or part time format. The full time (5 courses per term) format can be completed in four years. 

What are some ways I can be successful in the KIN program?

  • Read the information given to you – course outlines, website, policies etc.
  • Be resourceful – the answers to your questions are usually available online.
  • Be prepared for each class and course, and be resourceful in seeking answers independently.
  • Communicate professionally

It is your responsibility as a UFV student to check myUFV and Blackboard. Information from your courses will be posted to Blackboard.

Familiarize yourself with UFV’s policy on Academic Misconduct.

Students who have been admitted to a program at UFV and who do not register in the first semester, or who withdraw completely in the first semester of attendance must apply for re-admission under the current entrance requirements. Students who do not register for courses in the program for one calendar year must also reapply under the current entrance requirements.

KIN 450c and KIN 450d are designed to guide students through the development of a research project. Each student will develop a research proposal under the guidance of a faculty supervisor. See course descriptions for more information.

If you are interested in participating in research outside the classroom, talk to a faculty member in the Kinesiology department about work study or research assistant positions. Engagement in research early in your academic career can help you obtain scholarships, awards, and graduate school positions.

Visit the UFV Research Services website for more information.

Please visit the Kinesiology website to learn about student opportunities beyond the classroom such as KINPALS, KINSA, Study Tours and more.

For additional information, check out the UFV Student Life website.

Although we do not directly advise for these programs, we can help you plan your Kinesiology degree to meet the requirements of postgraduate education and career planning. Contact our Kinesiology Program Advisor if you are interested in discussing your options for post-graduate studies or career resources.

What career paths are available to me?

Because human movement is a pervasive aspect of our society, multiple career opportunities are presented to a kinesiology student. These career opportunities can be roughly grouped into areas of pedagogy/coaching; health/exercise/fitness; therapeutic/biomedical applications; ergonomics/human factors; and research. Also, kinesiology is an excellent preparation program for entry into education for medical & allied health professions, such as medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and chiropractic, among others.

The Kinesiology advising office is located on the Chilliwack Campus (CEP) on the third floor of Building A, Room 3439. To book an appointment online, please visit the online booking system.
Appointments are available in person or by phone. 

UFV’s Kinesiology program provided me with great opportunities — I was involved with three research projects, presented at research conferences, and had an abstract published. All before graduate school.

  • – Brynne Elliott
  •    BKin (UFV) MSc (UBC)

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