The goals of the UFV Concussion Management program are as follows:

  • to provide an accurate assessment of the injury for the athlete, coach, and trainer
  • to provide recommendations to the coach, trainer, and general practitioner regarding change from baseline
  • to participate actively in the rehabilitation process by liaising with the team trainer regarding the appropriate steps for a safe return to play
  • to provide information for the athlete and their families regarding prognosis and expected challenges that occur following concussion

The program consists of a comprehensive assessment of each athlete that includes a brief computerized neuropsychology assessment, a neurophysiologic assessment of brain function using a computerized electroencephalogram (EEG), an assessment of postural stability (balance), and physiology and cognitive status during a standardised exercise test. Baseline testing will be performed pre-season and follow-up will be performed if a concussion is detected by a trainer, coach, or parent.

Note: Barring an athlete from active participation is not within the mandate of the program. The function of the program is to work with the athlete and team personnel to facilitate assessment, to provide the necessary information to make decisions, and to assist the athlete in recovery. The final decision regarding return to play must be made in consultation by the appropriate parties who may include the athletic director, coach, player, trainer, and general practitioner involved.

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