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School of Land Use and Environmental Change

Frequently Asked Questions

Online learning – Your concerns, our assurances

Our teachers are working hard to adjust – and in some cases, redesign – courses so that they are interesting and engaging in an online environment. All of our courses incorporate meaningful types of interaction such as: meeting together online for discussions and debates; real-time polling and other interactive applications; discussion boards (with active teacher-led engagement and facilitation), and/or recorded lectures and videos from the teacher. Our teachers continue to be present, available, and accessible – it is our job to help you learn and be successful at UFV.

SLUEC’s teachers use a number of strategies to ensure that courses are taught as clearly and effectively as possible. Our teachers provide frequent class updates to communicate the goals for each week, develop assignments with clear instructions and a sense of purpose, and provide timely feedback that is tailored to each student. For example, some instructors provide feedback as videos personalized for each student. Teachers in SLUEC respond to emails as quickly as possible (often on the same day) so that students are never left feeling alone or confused if they have questions.

Yes, working from home can be enjoyable yet challenging. UFV has created numerous tips and suggestions for students (and teachers) to learn from in order to help organize their work. Online learning advice can be found via the Student Centre or Counselling. Additionally, the Academic Success Centre offers free tutoring, and you can still chat with librarians.

Our teachers are adjusting their courses to reflect the online learning environment. Each lecture, activity, assignment, and assessment are being carefully crafted in light of the challenges created from online learning. We are working towards streamlining and coordinating our courses to ensure that students are not overburdened with “busy work” but instead feel that they are gaining valuable skills and knowledge.

We understand and acknowledge that some students are not excited about online learning. We in SLUEC are committed to providing students with clear, meaningful courses and to adapt to students’ needs as much as possible. Many SLUEC courses have:
  • Multiple options for completing assignments (e.g. creating videos, posters, brochures)
  • Various ways to engage with the teacher (e.g. emails, phone, virtual meeting rooms)
  • Flexible meeting times for “office hours” and other types of online engagement 

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