Exhibits & Events

Child Poverty in BC: Chilliwack, December 2008 to January 2009

Research Treasure Map: Chilliwack, January to February 2009

Darwin and Evolution: Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission, February to March 2009

Love Hurts Poetry Slam: Chilliwack, February 13, 2009

International Women's Day Celebration: Chilliwack, March 9, 2009

Provincial Election Display and Voter Registration Event: Chilliwack, April 8, 2009; Mission, April, 2009

Through the Looking Glass: The Complicated World of Lewis Carroll: Chilliwack, June, 2009

Sto:lo Land Question: Chilliwack, July to September, 2009

Semester Survivor: Abbotsford, September to October, 2009

Guess the Giller at UFV Library: Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission, October and November, 2009

Homeless in the Fraser Valley: Chilliwack, October and November, 2009

Libraries & the Internet: A Love Story: Chilliwack & Abbotsford, November, 2009 to January, 2010

Love Hurts II Poetry Slam: Chilliwack, February 12, 2010

The Legacy of Residential Schools: January, 2010.

International Debt Crisis: Abbotsford, February, 2010

International Women's Day�2010: Chilliwack February to March, 2010

Journalists Killed Across the World: Abbotsford February, 2010

Job Search Resources: Chilliwack, Summer 2010

Remembrance Day: Canada's World War II War Artists: Chilliwack, Fall 2010

The Reality of Residential Schools: Abbotsford and Chilliwack, Fall 2013

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: Chilliwack, Winter 2011

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know Poetry Slam: Chilliwack February 2011.

International Women's Day: Chilliwack, March 2011

Through the Looking Glass: The Complicated World of Lewis Carroll: Chilliwack, February 2015

Canada Education Park: New Chilliwack Library: March 2011 and Beyond

When Life Goes Off the Rails: Intimate Partner Abuse: Chilliwack: April 2011.

Canada: Election 2011:  Abbotsford and Chilliwack, Spring 2011

The History of Tea: Chilliwack, Summer 2011

Canada Census: Chilliwack, Summer 2011

Musical Theatre: Chilliwack, Summer 2013

Homeless: Chilliwack, October to November, 2011

Explore Your History in the UFV Heritage Collection: Abbotsford: Fall 2011

Stop. Breathe. Chilliwack: November to December 2011

Child Poverty in BC: Chilliwack, December 2011

Bullying: Stopping the Violence: Chilliwack, January-February 2012

Mental Health Awareness: Chilliwack, Spring 2012

Chilliwack Library now open: Summer 2012

This is your brain on technology: Chilliwack: Spring 2012

Welcome to CEP Library: Chilliwack, Fall 2012

Cancer Prevention and Wellness: Chilliwack, Winter 2013

BC Election 2013: Why Should You Vote?: Chilliwack, April-May 2013

Congratulations Grads: Chilliwack, Summer, 2013

Semoya Dancers: Abbotsford and Chilliwack 2013

Remembrance Day: Abbotsford 2013

Every Girl Matters Day: Chilliwack, Fall 2014

UFV Faculty Publications 2014-2015: Abbotsford, Winter 2015

Sx̱wōx̱wiyám, Stories of Long Ago: Chilliwack 2015-2016

Diversity Display and Event: Chilliwack 2016-2017

Homeless in Chilliwack 2016: Chilliwack 2016

Last updated: October 25, 2016, lm.

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