‌Bullying: Stopping the Violence: Chilliwack: January-February 2012


Bullying stops here:
Wednesday February 29, 2012
is pink shirt day at UFV

Wear your your pink shirt to school, work or
virtually on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 to
help end bullying. A pink shirt says "the
bullying stops here."

Bullying is endemic in society, stretching
from the schoolyard to the workplace to
cyberspace. It leaves devastating marks on
those who are bullied and those who witness
bullying. In extreme cases, bullying has been
linked to suicide and murder.

In Ontario, provincial government legislation will
protect employees from workplace bullying. A
handbook from the Ontario Safety Association
for Community and Healthcare addresses
workplace violence. More workplace bullying
resources are available through links on the
Worksafe BC website. Click here to see UFV's
Harassment Prevention policy.

  Chilliwack library's model showed off a "Bullying
stops here."
UFV library has resources on stopping bullying
at work, at home, at school and on the net.
See the links below or come into the library to
find great books, articles, e-books and videos
on bullying,
Books and videos.  

Library Resources:

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Other Resources:

Coloroso, Barbara. Extraordinary Evil: http://www.kidsareworthit.com/uploads/Three_CharactersP.pdf

Pink Shirt Day 2011: http://www.pinkshirtday.ca/

Public Safety Canada: Bullying Prevention in Schools: http://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/res/cp/res/bully-eng.aspx

Thanks to Christy Clark for the inspiration for this display.

Last updated January 31, 2012, lm.

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