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Abbotsford, September 2011

  "The mighty Fraser, the river that has provided BC with a highway, given her riches in gold and salmon, is roaring seaward with the delayed burden of mountain winter snows. The Fraser is overrunning the puny dykes of man, flooding his fields, ripping out his roads." Editoral, Vancouver Daily Province, May 28, 1948. qtd. in Watt, K. J. High Water: Living with the Fraser Floods. Abbotsford, B.C: Dairy Industry Historical Society of B.C, 2006. Print.
1894 Chilliwack Flood image A-03951 courtesy of Royal
BC Museum, BC Archives
Chilliwack Progress 1948   Downtown Abbotsford image D-8506 courtesy of Royal
BC Museum, BC Archives
"In the Fraser Valley, a period of less than 80 years separates the mud surface wagon track of yesterday and the multi-lane freeway of today... In the early days, there was very little difference between a road and a trail. Roads were generally wider but both were impassable in the rainy season." Excerpt from the diary of Robert K. Nicholl, early resident of Bradner, qtd. in Riggins, Loretta R, and Len Walker. The Heart of the Fraser Valley: Memories of an Era Past : an Illustrated Historical Account of the Matsqui/Sumas/Abbotsford (M.S.A.) Region in the Central Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Abbotsford, B.C: Matsqui/Abbotsford Community Services, 1991. Print.   ‌‌
    Donald and Susan McGillivray image PP500056 courtesy
of Chilliwack Museum and Archives
  "Using the alias George Edwards, (train robber Billy Miner) inhabited abandoned cabins thought the Chilliwack, Mission and Haney areas, making friends with everyone he met." Cherrington, John A. The Fraser Valley: A History. Madeira Park, B.C: Harbour Pub, 1992. Print.
Billy Miner B-03597 image courtesy of Royal
BC Museum, BC Archives
Ne’er do well dump image D-09066 courtesy of Royal
BC Museum, BC Archives
  Mission Bridge image LGN 505 courtesy of Vancouver
  "The mosquitoes were just unbelievable. I've seen us go out to mow hay with the horses. The mosquitoes would be so thick the horses would lay down. And we'd have to unhook them, take them back into the barn, and blanket them." Glenn Toop on the mosquito effect from Sumas Lake, qtd. in Watt, K. J. High Water: Living with the Fraser Floods. Abbotsford, B.C: Dairy Industry Historical Society of B.C, 2006. Print.
Chilliwack hops field image PP502391 courtesy of
Chilliwack Museum and Archives

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Fishing, Farming and Natural Resources:

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Military history:

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