International Women's Day 2010: Chilliwack: February to March 2010

    Dr. Jean Scott, local author, women’s rights activist, labour negotiator, early member of Chilliwack’s transition house, UFV honourary degree recipient and Governor General’s Persons Case award winner, was in the student lounge on the Chilliwack campus for International Women's Day--Monday, March 8.

Dr. Scott said women need to keep working toward equality and they must work together.

"We've got to do something that brings all kinds of women together," she said, referring back to a women's conference she helped organize in 1982.

Scott showed off her Person's Case  Award medal and told everyone about Nelly McClung, Emily Muir Edwards, Irene Parlby, Henrietta Murphy and Louise McKinney, otherwise known as the "Famous Five," who challenged the Supreme Court of Canada in 1927 to define "persons" to include women. They lost.

The Famous Five then took their argument to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in England, which agreed  in 1929 that the term "persons" included women.

(Source: Naomi Black  "Persons case"  The Oxford Companion to Canadian History. Ed. Gerald Hallowell. Oxford University Press, 2004. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press.  University of the Fraser Valley.)

In celebration of International Women's Day 2010, we’re featuring UFV trades student Courtney Tustian, who is studying joinery, student and library shelver Emma Dixon, who danced in the closing ceremonies at the 2010 Winter Olympics, Crown prosecutor Kathleen McIntosh, a 2002 governor general’s silver medal winner, artist Melanie Schambach, a 2004 visual arts grad, who uses art to partner with a Columbia orphanage and highlight human rights, Christine Lavery-Massarini, a 1997 aviation grad, who flies as a first officer for British Airways, and Dr. Jean Scott.

Watch for the upcoming display outside the Abbotsford library and current display on the bulletin board at the entrance to the Chilliwack library.

Click here to link to a flickr slideshow from Chilliwack's International Women's Day event.

      Dr. Jean Scott showed her Person's Case award
medal at the 2010 International Women's Day tea
at the Chilliwack campus library on Monday,
March 8.

"We are all sisters"

Featuring a few of the amazing women at UFV

UFV student Courtney Tustian chose joinery because she wanted a detailed trade that had an artistic
side to it. “Joinery just seemed to be the perfect choice,” Tustian said. “In the summer I am planning
on taking a carving class and hopefully in the future I can make and design my own furniture.”
British Airways pilot Christine Lavery-Massarini has fulfilled her dream of flying around the world
as first officer on a British Airways Airbus. As well as Europe, Lavery-Massarini has flown in
Nunavut, Yukon, Mexico, Panama, and Moscow. "Working for British Airways has been a dream come
true," Lavery-Massarini said in UFV "Aluminations."
Dr. Jean Scott, seen here receiving her Person’s Award from Governor General Ramon John
Hnatyshyn, says “Women are special.” Scott, an author and co-founder of Chilliwack’s transition
house, now in her 97th year, reminds us that the struggle is not over yet and that all women are
sisters no matter their ages or backgrounds.
Kathleen McIntosh, the Governor General's silver medal winner in 2002 when she earned her
Criminal Justice BA at UFV, is now a crown prosecutor working for the Attorney General's Ministry
on the Robert Pickton appeal. "Work hard, have fun, get involved and dream big," she told UFV
Melanie Schambach earned her diploma in visual arts at UFV before going on to complete her
degree at Emily Carr. As profiled in “Aluminations,” Schambach used art to connect with an
orphanage in her native Guatemala, starting an organization for children and art. See more at
her website:

UFV Bachelor of Kinesiology student Emma Dixon, a dancer for at least 12 years, danced in the
closing ceremonies at the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver. It's a once in a lifetime experience
that I can brag about for the rest of my life," she said.

International Women's Day History display outside the Abbotsford Library:
UFV History Instructor Molly Ungar used the images from the Chilliwack library display to create an
International Women's Day display outside the Abbotsford library. Ms. Ungar added these two blue
panels describing the history of International Women's Day.

In 1910, Clara Zetkin, leader of the Women's Section of Germany's Social Democratic Party,
proposed that every year in every country an International Women's Day should be celebrated
to publicize women's concerns.

The next year on March 19, the first International Women's Day was launched. Thousands
of women in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland went to meetings while men
stayed home with the children; in the streets, women demonstrated for equality in the
government and in society. They wanted more humane working conditions, better pay and
the right to vote.

The date for International Women's Day was established as March 8 in 1913 and every year
since then, International Women's Day has brought attention to women's solidarity and their
desire to participate equally in social, political and economic processes. During International
Women's Year (1975) the United Nations declared International Women's Day a global day of
recognition and urged all countries to support the active participation, equality and
development of women.

Today, International Women's Day celebrates positive changes that its pioneers could only
dream of, while remembering that their struggle is still with us today.

"When the men are silent, it is our duty to raise our voice in behalf of our ideals."
--Clara Zetkin

In many countries International Women's Day is an official holiday, with an exchange of gifts
and flowers. Numerous events, such as marches, rallies, seminars, conferences, luncheons,
dinners or breakfasts mark the day in a variety of ways suited to the local culture and
environment. In many places, International Women's Day is celebrated not just on March 8,
but for the entire month; in the U.S., March is designated as Women's History Month.

Each year the United Nations chooses a theme for International Women's Day. The theme for
2010 is Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress for All. But all nations and communities
are encouraged to choose their particular theme. This year, the Canadian federal
government designated Canada's theme as: Strong Leadership, Strong Women, Strong
World; Equality.

At University of the Fraser Valley, the Chilliwack library organized an International Women's
Day recognition around the theme: We Are All sisters, with a display featuring six of the
amazing women who make up the UFV community.


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Other Resources:

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The library especially appreciates photographs and information from Dr. Jean Scott, from UFV's "Aluminations" magazine and from UFV History Instructor Molly Ungar.

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