Journalists Killed Across the World: The Twenty Deadliest Countries 1992 - 2009

To raise awareness of Freedom to Read week, February 22-27, and the issues of free speech, Abbotsford Library decided to highlight the number of journalists that are killed in the line of duty.


Murder is the ultimate form of censorship. One reporter is killed, and hundreds are sent a message that certain topics are too dangerous to be discussed. Since 1992, more than 500 journalists [edit: now nearly 800] have been murdered in direct relation to their work, CPJ research shows. While hundreds more have died in combat or other dangerous circumstances, murder is the leading cause of work-related deaths”.
Source: Committee to Protect Journalists

“At least 71 journalists were killed across the globe in 2009, the Committee to Protect Journalists announced Tuesday, the largest annual toll in the 30 years the group has been keeping track. Twenty-nine of those deaths came in a single, politically motivated massacre of reporters and others in the Philippines last November, the worst known episode for journalists, the committee said”.
Source: New York Times

“Since 1992, nearly 800 journalists have been killed around the world in cases where the Committee to Protect Journalists has been able to confirm the motive. They have come from all over the globe - and the data collected by the CPJ shows that reporters are increasingly at risk - with Iraq responsible for the biggest single number of deaths”.
Source: The Guardian Datablog



                              Afghanistan: 21

Algeria: 60

Angola: 9

Bangladesh: 12

Bosnia: 19

Brazil: 16 

Colombia: 42

India: 26

Iraq: 141

Israel: 10
                                Mexico: 19
Pakistan: 26

Phillippines: 68

Russia: 52

Rwanda: 16

                             Sierra Leone: 16
                         Somalia: 32

Sri Lanka: 18

Tajikistan: 17

Turkey: 20


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