Love Hurts II Poetry Slam: Chilliwack, Friday, February 12, 2010

From left, Eli Harrison-Morry (fifth place), Irene McGowan (third place), Kenneth Russell (second place), Josh Tompke (first place) and Rebecca Fuzzen (fourth place).

Love Hurts II was a resounding success despite some tough competition from the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympic games.

Upwards of 75 students, staff, instructors and community members enjoyed the second Valentine’s-themed poetry slam in the theatre lobby on the Chilliwack campus Friday night.

UFV student Josh Tompke took first as top slammer, Kenneth Russell was second, Irene McGowan was third, UFV student Rebecca Fuzzen was fourth and Eli Harrison-Morry took fifth place.

Fourteen poets from the university and the community competed with prizes for all. Top prizes were $50 cash from the English department, $50 cash from the library, tickets to Midsummer Night’s Dream and Director’s Festival passes from the theatre department, a hoodie from the bookstore, t-shirts, Casey’s gift certificates and travel mugs from the Student Union Society and UFV toques and ball caps from Employee Services.

Organizers from the theatre, English department and library thank everyone for coming out at this busy time and making Love Hurts II such a blast.

MC Ray de Kroon rocks a funny hat.

‌The "Russian judge,"  Librarian Diane Cruickshank, holds up a 9.1

Theatre students ham it up.

Theatre student Dayna Thomas serving it right.

A full house.

From left, Sandy Tait, Claude Dorion, Jody Cameron and Vicki Grieve.

UFV student Josh Tompke reads his ode.

UFV student Rebecca Fuzzen reads to an audience that includes

English department head John Carroll.

More ham.

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